Définition du mot blaze


incendie « the family died in the blaze. »
flambée « to stir sleeping embers into a cheerful blaze. »
a blaze of colour = un flamboiement de couleurs.
to blaze = flamber « the fire was still blazing. »
[eyes] lancer des éclairs (de colère) « she turned and faced him, her eyes blazing. »
to blaze with colour = resplendir « the gardens blazed with colour. »
tirer « guns were blazing. »
to blaze a trail = montrer la voie « these surgeons have blazed the trail in the treatment of bomb victims. »
blazing = éclatant « driving all day in the blazing sun.  »     
torride « freezing cold winters and blazing hot summers. »
trail-blazing = novateur « a trail-blazing agreement that could lead to a global ban on nuclear weapons. »
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