Définition du mot foul


infect, immonde, affreux « The weather was foul » « What a foul smell! » « He was in a foul mood » « I've had a really foul day at work. »
[language] ordurier « I won't have you using such foul language in my house! »
by fair means or foul = par n'importe quel moyen.
faute (de jeu). To commit a foul on sb. « He was sent off for fouling the goalkeeper. »
to cry foul = crier à l'injustice « Tourists cry foul as euro pushes up cost of holidays. »
to foul = polluer, souiller « Two oil spills near Los Angeles have fouled the ocean. »
to foul up = bloquer « It is raining again this morning which will foul up traffic. »
foul-mouthed = grossier « that fat, racist, foul-mouth friend of yours. »
foul play = jeu irrégulier « Players were warned twice for foul play. » Meurtre « Foul play is not suspected. »
foul-smelling = puant
foul-tasting = infect
foul-tempered = d'un caractère de cochon
foul-up = cafouillage « A series of technical foul-ups delayed the launch of the new product. »
professional foul = faute délibérée.
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