Définition du mot spring


1 (=leap) bond m , saut m 2- ressort → One day they would get a real sofa, with springs. 3- source → a mountain spring. 4 (=leap) bondir → the panther crouched, ready to spring : la panthère se tapit, prête à bondir → to spring to one's feet :se lever d'un bond → he sprang to his feet : il se leva d'un bond → to spring to attention se mettre au garde-à-vous ; the guard sprang to attention : le garde se mit au garde-à-vous. → to spring into action passer à l'action → to spring into life se mettre en marche brusquement → to spring open s'ouvrir brusquement 5- (=stem) to spring from = provenir de → these problems spring from different causes.
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