Mots difficiles en anglais


collant → a pair of pantyhose


1- enchevêtrement → a tangle of wires : un enchevêtrement de câbles 2- to be/get in a tangle [string, wires, hair] être emmêlé/s'emmêler → I've got my shoelaces in a bit of a tangle ; her hair tends to tangle 3- to be/get o.s. in a tangle : être en pleine confusion, être un sac de nœuds → we had got ourselves in a tangle (nous étions en pleine confusion) ; my tax affairs were in a complete tangle (mes affaires fiscales étaient un véritable sac de nœuds). ◊ to be tangled up [wires, string, sheets] = être emmêlé(e).
to get tangled up = s'emmêler.


puanteur. « The putrid stench of death. » « The stench of betrail. »

boot camp

camp d'entraînement (pour nouvelles recrues)


dérouter, déconcerter → the silence from Alex had hurt and bewildered her.


1- mélange → a blend of spices 2- mélanger → to blend all the ingredients together → a band that blends jazz, folk and classical music 3- to blend together = se confondre → paint the walls and ceilings the same colour so they blend together.


1- réprimande, reproche → he had received a stern rebuke from his superiors ... 2- réprimander → to rebuke sb for sth = reprocher qch à qn. Ex: she often rebuked David for his authoritarian attitude to his clients. → to rebuke sb for doing sth = reprocher à qn d'avoir fait qch. Ex: he rebuked foreign governments for trying to force change through their aid policies.


(beauty pageant) concours de beauté

to pass away



guerre. Ex : their experience of modern warfare was very small. → chemical warfare : guerre chimique → biological warfare : guerre biologique → psychological warfare : guerre psychologique


1- crack en informatique 2- (= computer nerd) informaticien boutonneux


prestidigitateur, illusionniste


ruse ex : they are notorious for resorting to trickery in order to impress their clients.

to toss

1- lancer, jeter. Ex: she screwed the paper into a ball and tossed it into the fire ; he tossed Bill a can of beer. 2- ballotter Ex: as the plane was tossed up and down, the pilot tried to stabilise it ; the sea tossed the small boat like a cork. 3- to toss a salad : tourner une salade 4- to toss pancakes : faire sauter des crêpes 5- to toss a coin : jouer à pile ou face (= to flip a coin)→ we tossed a coin to decide who would go out and buy the buns.

to dangle

1- [hands, feet, legs] pendre → He sat on the wall, his legs dangling → huge earrings dangled from her ears. 2- faire balancer → he dangled the keys in front of me. 3- (fig) faire miroiter → the prospect of an exciting buy is dangled before the media → to dangle a carrot in front of sb (=tendre la carotte à qn) → the club has dangled a £400,000 carrot in front of Darlington.


1- ride 2- pli → he noticed a wrinkle in her stocking (bas)


promenade → leisurely stroll can be more beneficial than a marathon run → to go for a stroll
se promener → they strolled along the beach.
stroller = poussette


1- (for show, performance, dance) répétition. Ex : rehearsals for a concert tour.


1- se débarrasser de → they ate food discarded by the soldiers → read the guidelines before discarding the box. 2- abandonner (fig.), renoncer à → they should discard the present system entirely.

to slam

1- claquer. Ex: to slam the door ; the door slammed 2- =throw → to slam sb/sth against the wall = jeter qn/qch contre le mur 3- éreinter, démolir (fig.). Ex: the new proposals have been slammed by all the opposition parties. 4- to slam into sth = s'écraser contre qch. Ex: the plane slammed into the building.

to skyrocket

[prices, rates, costs] monter en flèche → Production has dropped while prices and unemployment have skyrocketed ; Skyrocketing gas prices make fuel efficiency a key concern of consumers and manufacturers.

to convene

convoquer, assembler
se réunir, s'assembler « the parliament will convene on April 17 »




1- marmotter, marmonner. Ex: he mumbled a few words of apology ; her grandmother mumbled constantly in her sleep ... 2- marmottement, marmonnement. Ex: he could hear the low mumble of Navarro's voice.


paria. Ex: they are treated as outcasts ; the shame would have made her an outcast in her community.


1- prendre d'assaut → They decided to storm the building. 2- to storm in : entrer en trombe to storm out : sortir en trombe → after the argument, he stormed out of the house.


bouleversement, agitation « the club has been through a lot of upheaval » « a period of great political upheaval. »

to pass gas

proper term for "fart". Ex: go outside to pass gas !


éméché. Ex: the wine had made him tipsy.


soulèvement, insurrection → a popular uprising against the authoritarian government


1 (=leap) bond m , saut m 2- ressort → One day they would get a real sofa, with springs. 3- source → a mountain spring. 4 (=leap) bondir → the panther crouched, ready to spring : la panthère se tapit, prête à bondir → to spring to one's feet :se lever d'un bond → he sprang to his feet : il se leva d'un bond → to spring to attention se mettre au garde-à-vous ; the guard sprang to attention : le garde se mit au garde-à-vous. → to spring into action passer à l'action → to spring into life se mettre en marche brusquement → to spring open s'ouvrir brusquement 5- (=stem) to spring from = provenir de → these problems spring from different causes.


1- piqûre → She felt a prick on her neck. 2- (=penis) bite 3- (=worthless person) connard → He's such a prick. >> to prick o.s. on sth se piquer avec qch → I've just pricked myself on a thorn → to prick one's finger → I've pricked my finger → she had just pricked her finger with the needle.


1-(=nonsense) conneries → What a load of crap! 2- nul → Their new album is really crap 3- to have a crap = to crap = chier → Someone had crapped on the doorstep.


salaud, avec une connotation "homme à femmes". Ex: Billy's a real Jerk the way he used Tricia like that. Can't believe she bought his crap though.


vif, entraînant, qui a du punch
[clothes, look] élégant. Ex: « to be a snappy dresser » = être élégant, à la mode
irritable, brusque « he was very snappy with me this morning. »
« make it snappy! » = grouille-toi!, magne-toi!


claque • fessée >> to spank = donner une fessée. Ex: he needs a good spanking.


fesses >> to spank = to slap on the buttocks with the open hand, as for punishment.

ward off (to)

repousser urgent action is necessary to ward off the threat of starvation. she may have put up a fight to try to ward off her assailant.
parer (risque), conjurer, éviter. Ex : Tanning cream may ward off skin cancer.
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