Mots difficiles en anglais


culotté, gonflé « Are you that sassy with your parents, young lady? »
classe « his sharp sassy style » « colourful and sassy fashion accessories. »


[+cream, mayonnaise] bonne cuillerée
(fig) (=large amount) bonne part → large dollops of cash = de généreuses sommes en liquide. « He will help out friends with large dollops of cash »




désir, envie → « Soon several of them were divulging their secret longings. »
longing for sth = envie de qch → « She tried to put into words her longing for a baby. »
nostalgie → longing for sth = nostalgie de qch → His longing for the Australian landscape drew him back. « He felt a longing for the familiar = Il avait la nostalgie des choses familières. »
[look, glance] plein d'envie / de nostalgie.


convenu → « his paintings are contrived and formulaic. »


business acumen = sens des affaires
political acumen = sens de la politique → « He is famed for his political acumen and will be a vital link with the Americans. »


[+paper] froissement
[+silk] frou-frou
[+leaves] bruissement
bruire, produire un bruissement
[+paper] froisser


berceau → « from the cradle to the grave = du berceau à la tombe »
bercer → « She cradled a child in her arms. »


to coax sb into doing sth = amadouer qn pour qu'il fasse qch You just coax them into doing it. » he'd finally been coaxed into leaving the armed forces »


faire oui de la tête → « "Are you okay?" I asked. She nodded. »
I nodded in agreement = J'ai fait oui de la tête.
(in greeting) faire un signe de tête, faire un signe de la tête.
to nod one's head = faire oui de la tête → « He grinned and nodded his head vigorously. »
to nod one's agreement = acquiescer d'un signe de tête → « They nodded their agreement. »
to nod one's head to sb = saluer qn d'un signe de tête → « He nodded his head to his friends on the other side of the room. »
to nod one's head towards sth = signaler qch de la tête → « He nodded his head towards the bed (= il a signalé le lit de la tête). »

signe de tête, signe de la tête → « I left the table with a nod to my host (= Je me levai de table en saluant mon hôte d'un signe de tête). »« "There it is," said Rex, with a nod towards a white building. »« "It looks very nice," she says with a nod (= "C'est très joli", dit-elle en hochant la tête). »
to give a nod (to show agreement) faire signe que oui de la tête → « Todd agreed and gave a nod. »
to give sb the nod = donner le feu vert à qn




éviter → « Keith Jarrett has largely eschewed electric or electronic instruments since his time with Miles Davis. »


financer → « The company has bankrolled a couple of local movies. »« They helped to bankroll the party's general election campaign. »
financement → « We have a guaranteed minimum bankroll of £1.7m over the five albums. »




clairsemé, épars, peu abondant


bien que, encore que → « He is only an interior decorator, albeit a rather good one. »


(with knife) coup m de couteau , (with dagger) coup m de poignard, (with fork) coup f de fourchette → « He was killed by one stab of the knife. Il a été tué d'un seul coup de couteau. »
a stab of pain = un élancement → « I felt a stab of pain down my left side. »
to feel a stab of pity = être pris de pitié → « Against my will I felt a stab of pity for her. »
to have a stab at sth = essayer qch
to have a stab at doing sth = essayer de faire qch

verbe → (with knife) donner un coup de couteau à , (with dagger) poignarder → « One risk is that you'll get stabbed. »
to stab sb to death = tuer qn à coups de couteau
(fig) to stab sb in the back = poignarder qn dans le dos

sweet tooth

to have a sweet tooth = avoir un faible pour les sucreries




to live a hand-to-mouth existence = vivre au jour le jour


puzzle → (fig) the missing pieces of the jigsaw = les pièces manquantes du puzzle.


buskermusicien ambulant, musicien de rue → « He earned a living as a busker. »


des quartiers résidentiels


bourde → « damaged at birth by a hospital blunder »« George Bush made a terrible blunder by launching a trade war. »
faire une bourde → « to blunder badly faire une grosse bourde »« Clearly, Sir Alec had blundered badly. »
to blunder into sb/sth = buter contre qn/qch → « He had blundered into the table, upsetting the flowers. »


esquisse (sens propre et figuré), projet → a blueprint for sth = un projet de qch . → « his blueprint for the country's future. »

to ruffle

[+hair, feathers] ébouriffer
(fig.) to ruffle sb's feathers = chiffonner qn
[+clothes] chiffonner
[+water] faire moutonner → a stiff breeze ruffled the surface of the sea.
[+person] décontenancer, faire perdre son flegme à → He was not easily ruffled.


plaisanterie « It was a jest rather than a reproach... » « The men talk as cheerfully as ever; jests are bandied about freely. »
in jest = en plaisantant « to say sth in jest » « It was said half in jest » « Don't say that, even in jest »
plaisanter « He enjoyed drinking and jesting with his cronies. »


sérieux → « She was approached by an earnest young man from the University. »
sincère → « It is my earnest wish that you use this money to further your research. »
to be in earnest = être sérieux → « Is the Minister in earnest about these proposals? → No one could tell whether he was in earnest or in jest. »
an earnest of sth = un gage de qch → « Viewing this as an earnest of what they were to expect. »
as an earnest of sth = en gage de qch →« as an earnest of his commitment to root-and-branch reform. »
in earnest = sérieusement, pour de bon → « to do sth in earnest »« Then she started crying in earnest. »


déchiffrer → « Symphony musicians cannot necessarily sight-read. »


pousée, propulsion
propulser (sens propre et figuré)


to be in the limelight = être sous les projecteurs
to be thrust into the limelight = être propulsé (e) sous les projecteurs → « Tony has now been thrust into the limelight, with a high-profile job. »


événement clé → « a milestone in the history of broadcasting. » (cf: landmark)
borne (sur la route)


soif de voyages → « His wanderlust would not allow him to stay long in one spot. »


symboliser → « Beethoven has come to epitomize the whole of western classical music. »


attirer « retailers try hard to entice shoppers through their doors. »
to entice sb to do sth = inciter qn à faire qch « Nothing could entice me to use the current facilities » « She resisted attempts to entice her into politics. »
enticing : séduisant « It was an enticing prospect for poor villagers ».


ensorceler → « She was not moving, as if someone had bewitched her... »
to be bewitched by sth/sb être captivé par qch/qn → « The doctor is bewitched by Maya's beauty. »


brebis a flock of ewes (un troupeau de brebis)

to cull

[+animals] procéder à l'abattage sélectif de →« If you have a flock of ewes it is best to cull them before mating. »
to cull a flock = procéder à un abattage sélectif pour contrôler un troupeau
sélectionner → « we'll cull the best ideas and convene a seminar to discuss them »« Laura was passing around photographs she'd culled from the albums at home »
to cull information from sth = tirer des informations de qch → « information culled from movies he had seen on television. »
massacre, abattage → « a big elephant cull in Zimbabwe. »


étudiant de deuxième année
sophomore year = deuxième année


ton, ta , → « honor thy father and thy mother. »


intuition → « He then had to wait to see if carbon-dating tests showed his hunch to be right. »
my hunch is that = quelque chose me dit que → « My hunch is that the euro will get even weaker »
to have a hunch that = avoir comme une vague idée que
to act on a hunch = suivre son intuition → « Watson had acted on a hunch. »

to hunch one's shoulders = se voûter → « Wes hunched his shoulders and leaned forward on the edge of the counter. »


principe → « This is a basic tenet of capitalism. »


bâclé → « My cooking is rather slapdash. »
[person] brouillon → « He is rather slapdash in his approach. »

slap = gifle, gifler.


repère, point de repère → « The tower is a landmark visible for miles → Big Ben is one of London's most famous landmarks. »
to be a landmark = faire date / époque → « The discovery of penicillin was a landmark in medicine. » (cf: milestone)
qui fait jurisprudence → « The payout is believed to be a landmark case because it breaks the established principle that... → the landmark decision that prompted US deregulation. »


austere, désolé, morne → « We then passed through a much starker landscape. »
[choix] douloureux. « UK companies face a stark choice if they are to stay competitive. »
to issue a stark warning = lancer un sévère avertissement. « He issued a stark warning to Washington and other Western Capitals. »
stark naked = complètement nu →« He came out of the bathroom stark naked. »


défaut → This study has serious flaws → The main flaw in his character is his short temper
design flaw = défaut de conception → A design flaw with the aircraft caused the crash.


chanceler, balancer, tanguer. « He didn't fall, but swayed a little. »
influencer. Do not be swayed by glamorous advertisements.
emprise → to hold sway = exercer son emprise → to be under the sway of sb/sth = être sous l'emprise de qn/qch.


défoncé, bourré : « Parker's habit was to cause him to miss gigs and to be fired for being high. »
to be high on sth = être sous l'emprise de qch, être défoncé à qch.
to get high = se défoncer → smoking cannabis to get high
to get high on crack = se défoncer au crack.


dragueur → She is amazingly flirty and sensual → She had an appealing flirty smile.
[clothes] sexy → The skirts were knee-skimming and flirty.


concert They started out doing free gigs in bars. »
spectacle He did occasional comedy gigs. »
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