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to call out

pousser un cri → « I called out and my Mum entered the room. »
appeler, faire appel à → « the government called out the army to help put out the fires. »
crier → « then someone called out, "Let's merge!" »
to call out sth to sb = crier qch à qn → « she called out to her daughter: "I'm sorry!". »

to sneeze


sugar daddy

papa gâteau


tongs (sandales)


ricaner, sourire d'un air sarcastique
to sneer at sb/sth = se moquer de qn/qch avec mépris → « She was afraid he would sneer at the idea. »


dynamique → « the eager new BT chief executive »
impatient → « Arty sneered at the crowd of eager faces around him. »
to be eager to do sth = être impatient de faire qch
to be eager for = désirer vivement → « When my own son was five years old, I became eager for another baby. »

to roam

errer, vagabonder → « They roam far and wide... »
to roam free [animal, convicted] = se promener en liberté
to roam the streets = se promener dans les rues, rôder dans les rues → « Dozens of gangs roamed the streets »
to roam around = traîner → « There were gangs of kids on motorbikes roaming around. »

to undergo

subir → « he recently underwent brain surgery. »
to be undergoing change = être en train de changer
to be undergoing repairs = être en réparation → « the car is undergoing repairs. »



to chicken out

se dégonfler → I chickened out at the last moment.
to chicken out of doing sth = se dégonfler au moment de faire qch → He chickened out of asking her to the party (il s'est dégonflé au moment de l'inviter à la fête).


principe → « this is a basic tenet of capitalism. »

screw up

[+paper, material] chiffonner
to screw up one's face = faire la grimace
to screw up one's eyes = plisser les yeux
to screw up one's courage = prendre son courage à deux mains
[+holiday, plan, machine, job] fiche en l'air → « the car broke down, so that screwed up our holiday → they screwed things up big time. »
[+person] perturber → « my mother really screwed me up. »


(for bees) ruche
(fig) a hive of activity = une véritable ruche « in the morning the house was a hive of activity. »

hives = urticaire « school is giving me hives. »


[+glance] jeter « he kept casting worried glances over his shoulder. »
[+shadow] projeter « The smoky fires cast shadows over the wide circle of faces. »
(fig) to cast a shadow over sth = jeter une ombre sur qch « this case cast a shadow over the 2004 Olympics »
to cast one's eye over sth = jeter un œil sur qch « early in the evening the men don't even cast an eye over the girls. »
to cast doubt on sth = jeter le doute sur qch « the Minister had cast doubt on some of the beliefs of his party. »
to cast a spell on sb = envoûter qn « she cast a spell on the whole audience. »
to cast aside = rejeter « a notion which has been cast aside in anger and indignation. »


(music) ton → « a guitar tuned up to a higher pitch »
[+excitement, intensity, success] degré → « it has reached such a pitch of success »
to reach a high pitch = monter en puissance → « tension in the area has reached a dangerously high pitch. »
to reach a new pitch of intensity [crisis] = atteindre un nouveau degré d'intensité
sales pitch = argumentaire m de vente → « the salesman launched into a long pitch about the advantages of time-share apartments. »
to pitch = lancer → « Simon pitched the empty bottle into the lake. → She pitched the ball as far as she could. »


bosse « The path goes over a large hump. »
(verbe) baiser « She looked so hot he really wanted to hump her. »


intuition → the tests showed his hunch to be right
my hunch is that... = quelque chose me dit que... → My hunch is that the euro will get even weaker
to have a hunch that = avoir comme une vague idée que
to act on a hunch = suivre son intuition

curiosity killed the cat

la curiosité est un vilain défaut Just out of curiosity = par curiosité (JOOC)


kilométrage → the approximate mileage for the complete journey
déplacements → most of my mileage is around town.
nombre de km par litre → they are willing to pay up to $500 more for cars that get better mileage.

(fig) to get a lot of mileage out of sth = tirer le meilleur parti de qch → it's important to get as much mileage out of the convention as possible.


crétin He's the biggest jackass we have ever had as president. »

zero in on

se diriger droit sur → « He zeroed in on the room. »
se focaliser, se concentrer sur qqch → « The headlines zeroed in on the major news stories. »


beau-père (d'un remariage)
père du conjoint = father-in-law


joie, gaieté (=merriment) « a place of fun and frolic. »
to frolic = folâtrer, batifoler « Tourists sunbathe and frolic in the ocean. »
ébats (sexuels)  « Claire and Sebastian were frolicing in the bushes. »

lip service

If you say that someone pays lip service to an idea, you are critical of them because they say they are in favour of it, but they do not do anything to support it.


= churchyard = cemetery = cimetière


se détendre → Reading is a good way to unwind. → It is the perfect place to unwind
dérouler [+bandage, scarf, rope] → Francis was unwinding his bandage. → She unwound the scarf and put it on the table.




coquille de noix ◊ in a nutshell = en un mot → This, in a nutshell, is what Richard Chaplin appears to have done.


truc → « Low introductory rates are a gimmick to encourage people to take out loans. » (=dodge)
sales gimmick = astuce pour faire vendre → « multiple shutter-speeds are mostly a sales gimmick. »


alias (also known as)


culotté, gonflé « Are you that sassy with your parents, young lady? »
classe « his sharp sassy style » « colourful and sassy fashion accessories. »


[+cream, mayonnaise] bonne cuillerée
(fig) (=large amount) bonne part → large dollops of cash = de généreuses sommes en liquide. « He will help out friends with large dollops of cash »




désir, envie → « Soon several of them were divulging their secret longings. »
longing for sth = envie de qch → « She tried to put into words her longing for a baby. »
nostalgie → longing for sth = nostalgie de qch → His longing for the Australian landscape drew him back. « He felt a longing for the familiar = Il avait la nostalgie des choses familières. »
[look, glance] plein d'envie / de nostalgie.


convenu → « his paintings are contrived and formulaic. »


business acumen = sens des affaires
political acumen = sens de la politique → « He is famed for his political acumen and will be a vital link with the Americans. »


[+paper] froissement
[+silk] frou-frou
[+leaves] bruissement
bruire, produire un bruissement
[+paper] froisser


berceau → « from the cradle to the grave = du berceau à la tombe »
bercer → « She cradled a child in her arms. »


to coax sb into doing sth = amadouer qn pour qu'il fasse qch You just coax them into doing it. » he'd finally been coaxed into leaving the armed forces »


faire oui de la tête → « "Are you okay?" I asked. She nodded. »
I nodded in agreement = J'ai fait oui de la tête.
(in greeting) faire un signe de tête, faire un signe de la tête.
to nod one's head = faire oui de la tête → « He grinned and nodded his head vigorously. »
to nod one's agreement = acquiescer d'un signe de tête → « They nodded their agreement. »
to nod one's head to sb = saluer qn d'un signe de tête → « He nodded his head to his friends on the other side of the room. »
to nod one's head towards sth = signaler qch de la tête → « He nodded his head towards the bed (= il a signalé le lit de la tête). »

signe de tête, signe de la tête → « I left the table with a nod to my host (= Je me levai de table en saluant mon hôte d'un signe de tête). »« "There it is," said Rex, with a nod towards a white building. »« "It looks very nice," she says with a nod (= "C'est très joli", dit-elle en hochant la tête). »
to give a nod (to show agreement) faire signe que oui de la tête → « Todd agreed and gave a nod. »
to give sb the nod = donner le feu vert à qn




éviter → « Keith Jarrett has largely eschewed electric or electronic instruments since his time with Miles Davis. »


financer → « The company has bankrolled a couple of local movies. »« They helped to bankroll the party's general election campaign. »
financement → « We have a guaranteed minimum bankroll of £1.7m over the five albums. »




clairsemé, épars, peu abondant


bien que, encore que → « He is only an interior decorator, albeit a rather good one. »


(with knife) coup m de couteau , (with dagger) coup m de poignard, (with fork) coup f de fourchette → « He was killed by one stab of the knife. Il a été tué d'un seul coup de couteau. »
a stab of pain = un élancement → « I felt a stab of pain down my left side. »
to feel a stab of pity = être pris de pitié → « Against my will I felt a stab of pity for her. »
to have a stab at sth = essayer qch
to have a stab at doing sth = essayer de faire qch

verbe → (with knife) donner un coup de couteau à , (with dagger) poignarder → « One risk is that you'll get stabbed. »
to stab sb to death = tuer qn à coups de couteau
(fig) to stab sb in the back = poignarder qn dans le dos

sweet tooth

to have a sweet tooth = avoir un faible pour les sucreries




to live a hand-to-mouth existence = vivre au jour le jour
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