Mots difficiles en anglais


(formation de) liens affectifs This trip was father son bonding opportunity 
bond (between people) = lien

to frog-march

to frog-march sb out = faire sortir qn de force

to subside

[flood, waters] baisser
[storm, wind, fear, pain] s'apaiser when God begins to take control fear and resistance will begin to subside
[land, earth, building] s'affaisser


à la mode the latest craze = le dernier cri, la dernière trouvaille pointy ears is the latest craze


[person] curieux, fureteur, inquisiteur

to equivocate

user de faux-fuyants (=to be evasive) I'm not trying to equivocate here

to take chances

courir le risque, prendre des risques I'll take my chances winners take chances


[+institution] directeur
[+park, game reserve] gardien
traffic warden = contractuel


agent secret, barbouze
to spook = faire peur à « you spooked her!
spooky : qui donne la chair de poule, sinistre that's spooky! [audio] »

to spook = effrayer
to be spooked by sth = être effrayé par qch


situation difficile


moleskin = moleskine (peau de taupe) = toile imitant le grain du cuir (ou carnet recouvert de cette matière)


paresseux, douillet couchy life


[+light, +hope, interest] lueur
to glimmer = luire

to crumble

s'émietter, s'effriter, s'ébouler, se délabrer, tomber en ruines
(fig) [marriage, market, economy, empire, coalition] s'effondrer

beauty spot

grain de beauté
site pittoresque => « The Valley of Vinales is a lush and fertile valley and one of Cuba's finest beauty spots »


[tasting] à l'aveugle
les yeux bandés

[+hostage] to blindfold= bander les yeux à

aluminium foil

papier d'aluminium (=kitchen foil =silver foil)


[goods, item, software] de la grande distribution, standard (non personnalisé)
[clothing] prêt-à-porter (contraire de sur mesure)


[person] odieux, insupportable
[smell] nauséabond  
[noise] désagréable


(religious)  fanatisme, sectarisme « he had to defend himself against accusations of bigotry »
racist bigotry = intolérance raciste


insulte racial slur "Canadian" becomes newest racial slur : racists in the American South have begun using the term "Canadian" as a slur against African Americans. Stronger words, including the “N” word are too harsh to be used without repercussions.
to be a slur on sth = porter atteinte à qch (=to smear)
(=mumble) bredouillement
to slur = mal articuler



cover up

[+truth, facts] dissimuler He was trying to cover up why the Mexican president ran off about speaking to the media
to cover up for sb = couvrir qn

out of touch

to be out of touch =  ne pas être dans le coup
to be out of touch with sb = avoir perdu le contact avec qn


[+animal] dresseur
baggage handler = bagagiste
gestionnaire (programme informatique)
dog handler = maître-chien

to unfold

[+story, tale] narrer
[events, facts, story] se dérouler the unfolding events

to call off

annuler, rompre (un engagement, des fiançailles), mettre fin à


[people] se mélanger entre eux « let's go over there and mingle with the girls »
  [sounds, smells, feelings] se mêler

Baby Shower

fête organisée par les proches en l'honneur du bébé à venir. « Have checked out their online BABY SHOWER gift regisitry? »

to stay current

être au courant => to stay current with the news

to skim

[+milk] écrémer
(=glide over) raser, effleurer
to skim across = glisser sur « the little boat was skimming across the sunlit surface of the bay »
[+notes, letter, article] parcourir

to skim through = parcourir

low life



fripouille, ordure, salaud (scum = racaille) « And then you've got a scumbag like Richardson that still out there... »


aka "noobie" or "noo bee".
s omeone who is new to a game, or website, online game, or something.  « I'm a total noob at ActionScript »
someone who is new at something/ sucks at life in general.
Originaly "new meat" and refered to new troops fresh to the field.


vagabond you look like a hobo !


to ghost-write  He didn't write it, the book was ghost-written (=il ne l'a pas écrit, le livre a été écrit par un nègre).

to fill sb in

mettre qn au courant « Look, whatever you got going on, fill me in, cause I'm in the dark here. »

bona fide

de bonne foi, sérieux « a bona fide offer »
authentique « a bona fide Rembrandt »

to mull over

[+idea, problem] réfléchir à, ruminer mull it over = penses-y

to cross the T's and dot the I's

-Have you written your speech yet ?
-I've drafted it. « Now all that's left to do is basically cross the Ts and dot the Is. »




herbe, shit


to drop a hint = faire une allusion
to give a hint that = laisser entendre que...
  to give a strong hint that =  laisser clairement entendre que... « The Minister gave a strong hint that the government had changed its mind. »
give me a hint (=clue) = mettez-moi sur la voie, donnez-moi une indicatio
to take the hint = comprendre l'allusion
I can take a hint! =  L'allusion ne m'a pas échappé !

to hint (that) = laisser entendre que... « He hinted that he might soon be considering retirement »


large sourire  « She looked up at him, a big grin on her face. »
sourire « He leaned towards me and grinned broadly. »


cool, great   « Look at this kickass website, »


for your information

Preemptive war

guerre préventive

for a rainy day

to save sth for a rainy day = garder une poire pour la soif (épargner pour les jours difficiles à venir).
« I'll put the rest in the bank for a rainy day » (=je vais mettre le reste à la banque histoire de garder une poire pour la soif).

to brace

redresser « He stood to attention, bracing his shoulders »  « He braced his back against the wall. »
se préparer mentalement « She braced herself for her forthcoming ordeal. »

to bite the bullet

assumer, prendre sur soi « The teacher knew I cheated so i had to bite the bullet and confess » « The severe drought is forcing everybody to bite the bullet and use less water. »
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