Mots difficiles en anglais


[heat, summer] torride
[sun] brûlant
[remark, attack] cinglant
[pace] foudroyant China is growing at a blistering pace

to reckon

[+amount] estimer
considérer, estimer
to reckon on = compter sur, s'attendre à
to reckon with = tenir compte de (=take into account)
to reckon without = ne pas tenir compte de

to withhold

[+support, consent] refuser
 [+evidence, information] dissimuler despite the law's requirements he could withhold some of the information 
 [+money] retenir

to garner

[+information, +support, +votes] recueillir the bush administration manipulated and withheld intelligence in order to garner support for the invasion of Iraq


  manière  dont les choses sont organisées
  coup monté

to be in dire straits

être aux abois there's so many people out of work and and in dire straits


[on person, relationship, system, finances] pression the tax evasion scandal put considerable strain in the relationship between Germany and Liechtenstein
tension  (nerveuse)

to strain [+rope] = tendre ; [+system, resources, relations] peser sur, mettre à l'épreuve
to strain a muscle = se froisser un muscle

to strain oneself = se forcer Shy people have a low Self-worth. To increase the self worth, one has to strain oneself in order to prove to oneself that one is actually worth something, able to achieve something.

strained = [voice, face] tendu ; [laugh] forcé


it's a bit dicey = c'est un peu risqué


(formation de) liens affectifs This trip was father son bonding opportunity 
bond (between people) = lien

to frog-march

to frog-march sb out = faire sortir qn de force

to subside

[flood, waters] baisser
[storm, wind, fear, pain] s'apaiser when God begins to take control fear and resistance will begin to subside
[land, earth, building] s'affaisser


à la mode the latest craze = le dernier cri, la dernière trouvaille pointy ears is the latest craze


[person] curieux, fureteur, inquisiteur

to equivocate

user de faux-fuyants (=to be evasive) I'm not trying to equivocate here

to take chances

courir le risque, prendre des risques I'll take my chances winners take chances


[+institution] directeur
[+park, game reserve] gardien
traffic warden = contractuel


agent secret, barbouze
to spook = faire peur à « you spooked her!
spooky : qui donne la chair de poule, sinistre that's spooky! [audio] »

to spook = effrayer
to be spooked by sth = être effrayé par qch


situation difficile


moleskin = moleskine (peau de taupe) = toile imitant le grain du cuir (ou carnet recouvert de cette matière)


[+light, +hope, interest] lueur
to glimmer = luire

to crumble

s'émietter, s'effriter, s'ébouler, se délabrer, tomber en ruines
(fig) [marriage, market, economy, empire, coalition] s'effondrer

beauty spot

grain de beauté
site pittoresque => « The Valley of Vinales is a lush and fertile valley and one of Cuba's finest beauty spots »


[tasting] à l'aveugle
les yeux bandés

[+hostage] to blindfold= bander les yeux à

aluminium foil

papier d'aluminium (=kitchen foil =silver foil)


[goods, item, software] de la grande distribution, standard (non personnalisé)
[clothing] prêt-à-porter (contraire de sur mesure)


[person] odieux, insupportable
[smell] nauséabond  
[noise] désagréable


(religious)  fanatisme, sectarisme « he had to defend himself against accusations of bigotry »
racist bigotry = intolérance raciste


insulte racial slur "Canadian" becomes newest racial slur : racists in the American South have begun using the term "Canadian" as a slur against African Americans. Stronger words, including the “N” word are too harsh to be used without repercussions.
to be a slur on sth = porter atteinte à qch (=to smear)
(=mumble) bredouillement
to slur = mal articuler



cover up

[+truth, facts] dissimuler He was trying to cover up why the Mexican president ran off about speaking to the media
to cover up for sb = couvrir qn

out of touch

to be out of touch =  ne pas être dans le coup
to be out of touch with sb = avoir perdu le contact avec qn


[+animal] dresseur
baggage handler = bagagiste
gestionnaire (programme informatique)
dog handler = maître-chien

to unfold

[+story, tale] narrer
[events, facts, story] se dérouler the unfolding events

to call off

annuler, rompre (un engagement, des fiançailles), mettre fin à


[people] se mélanger entre eux « let's go over there and mingle with the girls »
  [sounds, smells, feelings] se mêler

Baby Shower

fête organisée par les proches en l'honneur du bébé à venir. « Have checked out their online BABY SHOWER gift regisitry? »

to stay current

être au courant => to stay current with the news

to skim

[+milk] écrémer
(=glide over) raser, effleurer
to skim across = glisser sur « the little boat was skimming across the sunlit surface of the bay »
[+notes, letter, article] parcourir

to skim through = parcourir

low life



fripouille, ordure, salaud (scum = racaille) « And then you've got a scumbag like Richardson that still out there... »


aka "noobie" or "noo bee".
s omeone who is new to a game, or website, online game, or something.  « I'm a total noob at ActionScript »
someone who is new at something/ sucks at life in general.
Originaly "new meat" and refered to new troops fresh to the field.


vagabond you look like a hobo !


to ghost-write  He didn't write it, the book was ghost-written (=il ne l'a pas écrit, le livre a été écrit par un nègre).

to fill sb in

mettre qn au courant « Look, whatever you got going on, fill me in, cause I'm in the dark here. »

bona fide

de bonne foi, sérieux « a bona fide offer »
authentique « a bona fide Rembrandt »

to mull over

[+idea, problem] réfléchir à, ruminer mull it over = penses-y

to cross the T's and dot the I's

-Have you written your speech yet ?
-I've drafted it. « Now all that's left to do is basically cross the Ts and dot the Is. »




herbe, shit


to drop a hint = faire une allusion
to give a hint that = laisser entendre que...
  to give a strong hint that =  laisser clairement entendre que... « The Minister gave a strong hint that the government had changed its mind. »
give me a hint (=clue) = mettez-moi sur la voie, donnez-moi une indicatio
to take the hint = comprendre l'allusion
I can take a hint! =  L'allusion ne m'a pas échappé !

to hint (that) = laisser entendre que... « He hinted that he might soon be considering retirement »
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