Mots difficiles en anglais


bouleversement, agitation « the club has been through a lot of upheaval » « a period of great political upheaval. »

to pass gas

proper term for "fart". Ex: go outside to pass gas !


éméché. Ex: the wine had made him tipsy.


soulèvement, insurrection → a popular uprising against the authoritarian government


1 (=leap) bond m , saut m 2- ressort → One day they would get a real sofa, with springs. 3- source → a mountain spring. 4 (=leap) bondir → the panther crouched, ready to spring : la panthère se tapit, prête à bondir → to spring to one's feet :se lever d'un bond → he sprang to his feet : il se leva d'un bond → to spring to attention se mettre au garde-à-vous ; the guard sprang to attention : le garde se mit au garde-à-vous. → to spring into action passer à l'action → to spring into life se mettre en marche brusquement → to spring open s'ouvrir brusquement 5- (=stem) to spring from = provenir de → these problems spring from different causes.


1- piqûre → She felt a prick on her neck. 2- (=penis) bite 3- (=worthless person) connard → He's such a prick. >> to prick o.s. on sth se piquer avec qch → I've just pricked myself on a thorn → to prick one's finger → I've pricked my finger → she had just pricked her finger with the needle.


1-(=nonsense) conneries → What a load of crap! 2- nul → Their new album is really crap 3- to have a crap = to crap = chier → Someone had crapped on the doorstep.


salaud, avec une connotation "homme à femmes". Ex: Billy's a real Jerk the way he used Tricia like that. Can't believe she bought his crap though.


vif, entraînant, qui a du punch
[clothes, look] élégant. Ex: « to be a snappy dresser » = être élégant, à la mode
irritable, brusque « he was very snappy with me this morning. »
« make it snappy! » = grouille-toi!, magne-toi!


claque • fessée >> to spank = donner une fessée. Ex: he needs a good spanking.


fesses >> to spank = to slap on the buttocks with the open hand, as for punishment.

ward off (to)

repousser urgent action is necessary to ward off the threat of starvation. she may have put up a fight to try to ward off her assailant.
parer (risque), conjurer, éviter. Ex : Tanning cream may ward off skin cancer.
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