Mots difficiles en anglais

to soak

tremper → « water came in the tent and soaked both sleeping bags. »
[+dishes, pots] faire tremper, laisser tremper → « soak the material in bleach for several hours. »

there's a catch

c'est une attrape; il y a anguille sous roche « you can fly Skybus for 10 bucks, but there's a catch! »
cf.: pitfall piège, chausse-trape « The pitfalls of working abroad are numerous. »


[person, behaviour] louche « he looked shifty » (il avait l'air louche).
[eyes] fuyant

from the get go

from the start, since the begining (=since the get go)

to tick off

cocher → « he ticked off our names on the list. »
passer un savon à qn → « She ticked me off for being late. »
mettre qn en rogne → « I just think it's rude and it's ticking me off. »
to be ticked off at sb = être en rogne contre qn → « she's still ticked off at him for brushing her off » (brush off = envoyer balader).


froid → she turned on the fire to take the chill from the air.
coup de froid → she caught a bad chill.
frisson → The sound sent a chill down my spine.
faire frissonner → the marble floor was beginning to chill me.
spine-chilling : à vous glacer le sang

chill out = se relaxer
chilled out = décontracté → « I'm a lot more chilled out now than I used to be. → a club with a chilled-out atmosphere. »

to rankle

rester en travers de la gorge (fig.) → I've tried very hard to forget it but it still rankles.
to rankle with sb → his behaviour rankles with me still = sa conduite me reste encore en travers de la gorge.


flirter → she's been flirting with him all evening
dragueur(-euse) → « she's a terrible flirt. »


sauter, sauter à cloche-pied
to hop out of bed = sauter du lit
hop in! = montez!


avoir envie de « do you fancy a cup of tea? » « I fancy an ice cream » « do you fancy going to see a movie sometime? »
plaire « he fancies her » = elle lui plaît.
de luxe, huppé, chic (=swiwh) « I have eaten in every fancy restaurant in this town » « they sent me to a fancy private school. »
fantaisie,imagination « is it fact or fancy? » Est-ce réel ou imaginaire? « He paints whatever his fancy suggests. »
to have a fancy (that) = avoir l'idée que « I have a slight fancy that the trophy will stay in Scotland this time. »
croire « he fancied that he saw a shadow pass close to the window. »
a passing fancy = un caprice « She did not suspect that his interest was just a passing fancy. »
a childhood fancy = un rêve d'enfance « It was just a childhood fancy » « I had a childhood fancy that I would one day be famous. »
to take a fancy to [+person] se prendre d'affection pour
to take sb's fancy, to catch sb's fancy = plaire à qn « He bought a vase that had taken his fancy. » « It took my fancy »= ça m'a plu.

to be nauseous

avoir mal au cœur, avoir envie de vomir (=to feel nauseous) « I started feeling dizzy and nauseous. »
nauseous = nauséabond, écœurant « he found her Sixties idealism nauseous. »
◊ prononcer NOSHOUS


to be confirmed (à confirmer)


to have a peek at sb/sth = jeter un coup d'œil à qn/qch → « Could I have a peek at the arrangements? »
to peek / sneak a peek / take a peek at sb/sth = jeter un coup d'œil furtif à qn/qch → « She peeked at him through a crack in the wall → I took a peek at the list. »
No peeking! = On ne regarde pas!
peek over [+fence, wall] = jeter un coup d'œil par-dessus → « peek over the fence to see what your neighbour is doing. »

to despise

mépriser → « I can never forgive him. I despise him. »


dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre → « he pushed the bolt (verrou) back in and twisted it clockwise. »
counterclockwise (direction) = dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d'une montre → « the dance moves in a counterclockwise direction. »


Driving While Intoxicated. Synonym of DUI (Driving Under The Influence) « I got pulled over and charged with a DUI ».

pizza parlour



scintiller, briller → « her jewellery glittered under the spotlight → The Palace glittered with lights → His eyes glittered with amusement. »
éclat → « the glitter and glamour of her life »
paillettes → « Christmas cards covered with glitter »

to dump

déposer → « we dumped our stuff at the hotel. »
abandonner → « the car was dumped on the motorway. »
to dump waste = déverser des déchets →« the company dumped the waste in the river. »
vendre à bas prix
plaquer → « he's just dumped his girlfriend. »


au poisson, de poisson « this will help to eliminate any fishy odours. »
suspect, louche (=dodgy)
there's something fishy = il y a quelque chose de louche ; il y a anguille sous roche




se glisser « they watched the boy creep towards the bush. »
to creep across sth = traverser qch à pas de loup

saligaud, sale type « leave me alone, you creep » he's a creep (c'est un sale type)

to give sb the creeps = donner la chair de poule, faire froid dans le dos It gives me the creeps (ça me fait froid dans le dos).
to creep up = grimper « interest rates were creeping up »

creepy = qui fait frissonner, qui donne la chair de poule (=frightening) « his creepy old house may be haunted » 
[person] sinistre « what secrets is their creepy landlord hiding? »


bourré (drunk) → I got so fucking sloshed last night!


consternation, désarroi
much to my dismay = à ma grande consternation, à mon grand désarroi → « I discovered, much to my dismay, that the house was no longer there. »


inutile, vain → « violence is always pointless »
dénué de sens → « a pointless display of macho strength. »

catch 22

situation inextricable It's Catch 22. Nobody wants to support you until you're successful, but without the support how can you ever be successful?


guilleret , gai, effronté.
ne pas confondre avec perk (à-côté)

beat it!

fiche le camp! → « beat it before it's too late. »

to snipe

to snipe at sb = critiquer qn → « the Spanish media were still sniping at the British press yesterday. »
to snipe at sb/sth = tirer sur qn/qch sans se faire voir → « gunmen have repeatedly sniped at US Army positions. »

to pull over

se ranger → the car pulled over to the side of the road
contraindre à s'arrêter (police) → I got pulled over and charged with a DUI.


fringant (=vif, alerte, élégant, plein d'allant et de vigueur)

knock off

quitter (le travail) → « what time do you knock off? »
piquer → « he was planning to knock off a few videos, but the boss found out. »
knock it off! = ferme-la! → « Knock it off, I'm trying to concentrate. »

to resent

en vouloir à → she resents her mother for being so tough on her.
déplaire → I resent his attitude towards her (=son attitude envers elle me déplaît).


pagaille → « the crisis plunged the country into mayhem. » to cause mayhem = semer la pagaille.


douteux → « predicting voting trends is a dodgy business. »
louche →« he was a bit of a dodgy character → cash made in dodgy underworld deals »
peu sûr → « you have to walk across this awfully dodgy rope bridge »
to dodge = truc, combine (he tried all sorts of dodges to avoid paying) / = esquiver, éviter.


raide, rigide
to be stiff = avoir des courbatures
[competition, laws, penalties] sévère → « competition is so stiff that he'll be lucky to get a place at all. »
to be bored stiff = s'ennuyer à mourir
x to be frozen stiff = être mort de froid
to be scared stiff = être mort de peur
to be worried stiff = être mort d'inquiétude

to stiffen = (se) raidir, (se) durcir.


prise ; saisir
to get a grip = se ressaisir → Get a grip!
to get a grip on sth = prendre en main qch

to clink glasses

trinquer (=porter un toast)
trinquer à la santé de qn = to drink to sb('s health)

to go like clockwork

marcher comme sur des roulettes → « everything went like clockwork. »


puant → « they were locked up in a stinking cell »
infect → « you couldn't hide anything in this stinking little town. »
a stinking cold = un rhume carabiné → « I've got a stinking cold coming on. »
stinking rich = bourré de pognon.


coup sec → after a couple of yanks, the rope came free.
to give sth a yank = tirer d'un coup sec sur qch
to yank sth open = ouvrir qch d'un coup sec → she yanked open the drawer (=elle ouvrit le tiroir d'un coup sec).


picoler → « a load of drunken businessmen who had been boozing all afternoon. »


[restaurant, hotel, car] classe
bruisser → the curtains swished open (=les rideaux s'ouvrirent dans un bruissement).
to swish its tail [horse, cow] = fouetter de la queue.

to lay on

mettre, installer, organiser → A swish gala banquet had been laid on in their honour at the Imperial Hotel. They laid on a special meal (=ils ont organisé un repas soigné).
mettre en place → they laid on extra buses (=ils ont mis en place un service de bus supplémentaire).

to faze

déconcerter, démonter → big concert halls do not faze Melanie. → he wasn't a bit fazed by the fact that I was gay.

to have a bone for

to be infatuated → man I have a bone for this girl, I want to hook up with her.

to be infatuated

être sous le charme → I was totally infatuated.
infatuated with sb = entiché de qn → « at the beginning I was infatuated with Maggie. »

infatuation (with person, thing) = engouement → « this is not love but a foolish infatuation. »


to nail = baiser

to crave

[+attention] = avoir un grand besoin de Teenagers crave attention.
[+food, drink, cigarette, fresh air] = avoir envie de, avoir terriblement envie de, être avide de « she craved luxury. Baker was craving for a smoke. »
= to gasp I'm gasping for a cigarette (je meurs d'envie de fumer une cigarette)

to put up with

tolérer, supporter « → you're late, Shelly, and I won't put up with it. → She could put up with a lot, but she wouldn't tolerate such violence. → I'm not going to put up with it any longer. »
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