Mots difficiles en anglais


scintillement, scintiller « At night, lights twinkle in distant villages. »
[eyes] pétillement, pétiller « I noticed a twinkle in her eye at the suggestion. »


pousser, germer « If you leave onions long enough they will start to sprout. » « Is it safe to eat potatoes that have sprouted ? » « Chinese restaurants have sprouted everywhere. »
Brussels sprouts = choux de Bruxelles.


pourri « The front bay window is rotten » « It's a rotten idea. » « what rotten weather! »
a rotten apple = une pomme pourrie. Fig: une brebis galeuse. « Police corruption is not just a few rotten apples. »
dégueulasse (fig.) That's a rotten thing to do = c'est dégueulasse de faire une chose pareille.  
to feel rotten = se sentir honteux.


to be rife [corruption, disease] = sévir, aller bon train « Unemployment is rife. » « Bribery and corruption were rife in the industry. »
rumours are rife = de nombreuses rumeurs circulent.
rife with sth = en proie à qch « Politicians world is rife with jealousy. » « Hollywood soon became rife with rumors. »




idiot. « You're gonna get us all killed, dumbass ! »


bizarre « He wasn't mad but he was certainly weird. » 
weirdo = type bizarre, farfelu.

to backfire

avoir l'effet inverse que prévu « The President's tactics could backfire. » « The rehousing scheme backfired when refugees decided they did not want to move . »
to backfire on sb = se retourner contre qn « His plan backfired on him. »
pétarader « The car backfired. »
backfire = retour de flamme.


au milieu de, parmi « a tiny bungalow amid clusters of trees. »  « She was sitting amid a swarm of photographers. » « Children were changing classrooms amid laughter and shouts. »


essaim, nuée « She left amid a swarm of photographers. »
se regrouper en masse, fourmiller, grouiller « They swarmed across the bridge. »
to be swarming with people = grouiller de monde « The White House was swarming with security men. »


fade, insipide, sans relief « Henry has a blander personality than Howard »  « bland vegetable soup » « the film was bland and forgettable. »


chubby-faced = joufflu



the ball of the foot

la plante du pied




fig.: chute, ruine « his lack of experience had led to his downfall  » « his honesty had been his downfall. »

to cater for

préparer des repas (pour)
satisfaire, pourvoir à « In a consumer society no effort is made to cater for the needs of the elderly. »
s'adresser à, pourvoir aux besoins de « we can cater for all age groups in our summer schools. »


enchevêtrement « a tangle of wires. »
to be in a tangle, to be tangled = être emmêlé « I've got my shoelaces in a bit of a tangle. »        
fig.: « a confused tangle of plots and subplots. » « My tax affairs were in a complete tangle » (= "sac de nœuds"). 
fig.: to be in a tangle = être en pleine confusion.
to tangle = s'emmêler « her hair tends to tangle. »

leaf blower

leaf blowersouffleur de feuilles

to underpin

sous-tendre « Several factors underpin this policy. »

to flounder

battre de l'aile « The economy was floundering. »        
tourner en rond « I was floundering. I worked in a number of jobs. I had no direction in my life. »     


truc, gadget « a plastic gizmo for holding a coffee cup on the dashboard. »


banal, terre à terre « our robot can do most of the mundane work for you » « the mundane realities of life »

to pencil in

[+appointment] fixer provisoirement « The tour was pencilled in for the following March. »
to pencil sb in (for appointment) compter sur, marquer qn provisoirement « I'll pencil you in for Friday. Phone me if you need to cancel. »


perche « using a pole, he pushed the boat away from the shore. »
 pole jump = saut m à la perche.
pole dancing = danse érotique autour d'une barre métallique.
 telegraph pole = poteau télégraphique

to spawn

engendrer « the computer revolution and the devices it has spawned. »
frayer, frai (poissons). 

to snoop

fouiner « she's always snooping, trying to find out what we're up to. »
to snoop on sb = espionner qn


concis ; laconique « Jade is a terse and simple javascript templating language. »

to yearn

to yearn for sth = désirer vivement qch « He yearned for freedom.  » « Couples who have only daughters and yearn for a son. »
to yearn to do sth = désirer vivement de faire qch « I yearned to see him again. »

to wither

se faner.
fig.: dépérir, péricliter « the question now is whether the railways will flourish or wither. »
to wither on the vine = pourrir sur l'arbre, être gâché. « the apples will wither on the vine if not picked soon » « Fred thinks he is withering on the vine because no one has hired him. »


maquette. « Mock-ups are used in the automotive device industry as part of the product development process. »
« Mockups are used in software development to create user interfaces that show the end user what the software will look like. »

to hinder

entraver, faire obstacle à, gêner. « Further scientific research is hindered by lack of cash. » « His progress in the company has been hindered by his lack of self-confidence. »


oh heck! = oh zut!  
why the heck ... ?  = pourquoi diable ... ?
what the heck! = et puis zut!  
a heck of a lot of = une sacrée quantité de

KISS principle

le principe KISS, "Keep it Simple, Stupid", préconise de rechercher la simplicité en évitant toute complexité non nécessaire. Ce principe est appliqué dans le développement logiciel, le journalisme, la photographie, l'ingénierie, l'aviation, etc.


énorme, monstre (fig) « Barbra Streisand is such a humungous star. »

tuxedo, tux

smoking (vêtement). The tuxedo or dinner jacket (trendy 100 years ago) has endured as a classic symbol of the fashionable man.

to flesh out

[+story, plan] développer « he talked with him for an hour and a half, fleshing out the details of the plan. »


jeu de mots, calembour. « No pun intended » = sans jeu de mots.

to falter

chanceler, vaciller, hésiter, fléchir « his steps faltered » = son pas se fit plus hésitant. « From that moment onwards he never faltered in his resolve. »   


en retard « they're half an hour overdue ». « the rent is three weeks overdue. »
to be overdue = se faire attendre « reform of these laws is overdue. »
to be long overdue = n'avoir que trop tardé « that change was long overdue. »


tiercé. « The trifecta I've been betting for ten years finally hit! »

missing in action (m.i.a)

porté disparu (au combat). « Several soldiers are still missing in action. »
fig.: manquer à l'appel. « The federal government is missing in action in an area where it has clear responsibilities. »


intimidant « attempting to play a style like Salsa on the piano can be very daunting and awkward at first. »


impulsion, élan « the momentum of change in the second half of the century. »
to gather momentum : s'accélérer, prendre de la vitesse, gagner du terrain « the lobbying for action gathered momentum this weekend. »


con, connard « he's a git! » « Oh, shut your face, you racist git! »

Linus Torvalds (créateur de Linux) a appelé son logiciel "Git"... Il l'explique ainsi : "je ne suis qu'un sale égocentrique, donc j'appelle tous mes projets d'après ma propre personne. D'abord Linux, puis Git."


semblable « genius and madness are akin. »
akin to : semblable à « something akin to gratitude overwhelmed her. »


petites rue, ruelle « a narrow back street of Port-au-Prince. »
quartier pauvres ou mal famés « the back streets of Berlin. »
backstreet abortion = avortement clandestin
backstreet of desire = bas-fonds du désir.


pâté m de maisons « the school is five blocks away. »
the new kid on the block = le petit nouveau


stupéfiant, étonnant


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