Mots difficiles en anglais


exorbitant he will do it for a whopping fee.
spectaculaire whopping pay increases.
[lie, mistake] énorme sometimes a whopping mistake in your writing is completely invisible to you until you print it out

to buckle

boucler, attacher « he hadn't buckled his safety belt »  
voiler « the car clipped my bicycle wheel and badly buckled it the door was beginning to buckle from the intense heat. »
céder « the parents would have buckled under that sort of pressure  » 
[leg, knee] céder « his knees buckled and he fell backwards »


décès « Smoking was the cause of his early demise. »  
mort, fin « the demise of the reform movement  »

to stagger

chanceler , tituber I staggered to the nearest chair.
stupéfier an event that staggered the world.
[holidays] étaler, échelonner The summer holidays are staggered.

to holler


the hoi polloi

la plèbe


pince à épiler => a pair of tweezers



to gallivant around

se balader (=to go gallivanting) I can't go gallivanting like a youngster A girl's place is in the home, not gallivanting around and filling her head with nonsense.

Oprah rich

être aussi riche qu'Oprah Winfrey now I'm Oprah rich

to give sb a tongue-lashing

houspiller After a cruel tongue lashing, he threw the girl out of the group.


chatte, foufoune
cunt nugget : amas de sang séché, résidu de la menstruation connard


parodie « a spoof of a popular movie »
canular (=hoax)

to shove

pousser He dragged her out to the door and shoved her into the street She shoved as hard as she could.   
to shove sb out of the way =  écarter qn en le poussant
fourrer We'll shove an extra paragraph in here. Shove your hands in your pockets
to give sb/sth a shove = pousser qn/qch The car won't start. Can you give it a shove?

to parch

dessécher The hot sun parched the bare earth.


merde! (dans le sens : "bonne chance!")


ampoule, cloque

to make up for

compenser I'm sorry I broke your vase - I'll make up for it. What the country lacks in natural resources it makes up for in bright ideas.


pourceau, porc swine flu
salaud he realised what a swine he had been.


horrible There has been a series of gruesome murders in the capital.

raving mad

fou à lier
ravings = divagations

kith and kin

parents et amis Why did no one think to mention that Van Garretts are kith and kin to the Van Tassels?

to cling to

se cramponner, s'accrocher à The human baby is too weak to cling to its mother The adults cling to old emotional values.

to (be on the) rampage

se déchaîner Hundreds of fans went on the rampage after the match.   
se livrer à des saccages gangs of youths rampaged on the fringes of the demonstration They went rampaging through the town.


to whizz along = filer à toute vitesse
to whizz past = passer à toute vitesse Ten minutes later, the rest of the cyclists whizzed past.
whizz kid = petit prodige a financial whizz kid.


enfant substitué à un autre


(fig.) furie, hystérique with a few pricey gifts you'll be able to tame that little spitfire.


apprivoisé « They've got a tame hedgehog. »
[story, style, match, film] fade « Some of today's political demonstrations look rather tame.    »
apprivoiser, dompter, dresser « The Amazons were the first to tame horses. »


décupler => The number of landmine incidents in Colombia has increased tenfold since 1991


potin She told me a juicy titbit about Claire.


(péj.) imbécile, crétin, débile You moron! She's exactly the kind of moron you described.


principal obstacle. France has been the holdout in trying to negotiate an end to the dispute.




dispute  a feud between the prime minister and his chancellor   
a family feud
to feud (with) = se disputer, se quereller their families had feuded since their daughters quarrelled two years ago.
blood feud =vendetta


[+siren, engine] hurlement the whine of air-raid sirens
pleurnicher, gémir The dog started to whine with impatience
[siren, engine] hurler The engines whined

to grovel

(fig.) ramper He whined and grovelled and apologised
to grovel before/to sb I don't grovel to anybody.

to sting

[insect] piquer bees do not normally sting unless provoked. I've been stung.

silver lining

to have a silver lining = avoir de bons côtés
every cloud has a silver lining = à une chose, malheur est bon


barrage plans to build a dam on the River Danube




benne à ordures


saisie « after a foreclosure, »« homeowners are sometimes left with absolutely nothing »


faussement effarouché, faussement timide
séducteur a coy little smile.
évasif to be coy over sth, to be coy about sth « The Chancellor was coy over the deal with the Prime Minister. »


enjambée,  foulée he walked with long strides.
démarche he had a purposeful stride = Il avait une démarche décidée.
avancée a great stride has been taken towards our goal


éloquent a silver-tongued lawyer.


fouet, cravache
to whip = battre to whip the cream
to crack the whip = to use one's authority to make someone work harder, usually by threatening or punishing them
whiplash = coup du lapin


vanne no more wisecracks!

to maul

mettre en pièces He was mauled by a bear He was mauled by the tabloids.


"belt and braces" = très prudent, qui garantit une sécurité maximum a belt-and-braces solution
accolades balanced braces
bracing = vivifiant


[clothes] terne, morne Mary was wearing the same drab grey dress.
[room, place] glauque his drab little office   
[life] monotone a way of escaping the tedium of their drab lives 
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