Mots difficiles en anglais

to pencil in

[+appointment] fixer provisoirement « The tour was pencilled in for the following March. »
to pencil sb in (for appointment) compter sur, marquer qn provisoirement « I'll pencil you in for Friday. Phone me if you need to cancel. »


perche « using a pole, he pushed the boat away from the shore. »
 pole jump = saut m à la perche.
pole dancing = danse érotique autour d'une barre métallique.
 telegraph pole = poteau télégraphique

to spawn

engendrer « the computer revolution and the devices it has spawned. »
frayer, frai (poissons). 

to snoop

fouiner « she's always snooping, trying to find out what we're up to. »
to snoop on sb = espionner qn


concis ; laconique « Jade is a terse and simple javascript templating language. »

to yearn

to yearn for sth = désirer vivement qch « He yearned for freedom.  » « Couples who have only daughters and yearn for a son. »
to yearn to do sth = désirer vivement de faire qch « I yearned to see him again. »

to wither

se faner.
fig.: dépérir, péricliter « the question now is whether the railways will flourish or wither. »
to wither on the vine = pourrir sur l'arbre, être gâché. « the apples will wither on the vine if not picked soon » « Fred thinks he is withering on the vine because no one has hired him. »


maquette. « Mock-ups are used in the automotive device industry as part of the product development process. »
« Mockups are used in software development to create user interfaces that show the end user what the software will look like. »

to hinder

entraver, faire obstacle à, gêner. « Further scientific research is hindered by lack of cash. » « His progress in the company has been hindered by his lack of self-confidence. »


oh heck! = oh zut!  
why the heck ... ?  = pourquoi diable ... ?
what the heck! = et puis zut!  
a heck of a lot of = une sacrée quantité de

KISS principle

le principe KISS, "Keep it Simple, Stupid", préconise de rechercher la simplicité en évitant toute complexité non nécessaire. Ce principe est appliqué dans le développement logiciel, le journalisme, la photographie, l'ingénierie, l'aviation, etc.


fig.: marchand de qqc., partisan. Hate monger ; war-monger.


énorme, monstre (fig) « Barbra Streisand is such a humungous star. »


réglo, honnête, sérieux. « It's not a very legit business. »
to go legit = faire les choses dans les règles

tuxedo, tux

smoking (vêtement). The tuxedo or dinner jacket (trendy 100 years ago) has endured as a classic symbol of the fashionable man.

to flesh out

[+story, plan] développer « he talked with him for an hour and a half, fleshing out the details of the plan. »


jeu de mots, calembour. « No pun intended » = sans jeu de mots.

to falter

chanceler, vaciller, hésiter, fléchir « his steps faltered » = son pas se fit plus hésitant. « From that moment onwards he never faltered in his resolve. »   


en retard « they're half an hour overdue ». « the rent is three weeks overdue. »
to be overdue = se faire attendre « reform of these laws is overdue. »
to be long overdue = n'avoir que trop tardé « that change was long overdue. »


tiercé. « The trifecta I've been betting for ten years finally hit! »

missing in action (m.i.a)

porté disparu (au combat). « Several soldiers are still missing in action. »
fig.: manquer à l'appel. « The federal government is missing in action in an area where it has clear responsibilities. »


intimidant « attempting to play a style like Salsa on the piano can be very daunting and awkward at first. »


impulsion, élan « the momentum of change in the second half of the century. »
to gather momentum : s'accélérer, prendre de la vitesse, gagner du terrain « the lobbying for action gathered momentum this weekend. »


semblable « genius and madness are akin. »
akin to : semblable à « something akin to gratitude overwhelmed her. »


petites rue, ruelle « a narrow back street of Port-au-Prince. »
quartier pauvres ou mal famés « the back streets of Berlin. »
backstreet abortion = avortement clandestin
backstreet of desire = bas-fonds du désir.


1- pousser → he dragged her out to the door and shoved her into the street → she shoved as hard as she could. 2- to shove sb out of the way : écarter qn en le poussant 3- fourrer → We'll shove an extra paragraph in here → he shoved a cloth in my hand. Il m'a fourré un torchon dans la main. 4- to give sb/sth a shove : pousser qn/qch → the car won't start. Can you give it a shove ?


pâté m de maisons « the school is five blocks away. »
the new kid on the block = le petit nouveau


stupéfiant, étonnant




démenti, décharge, limitation de responsabilité.
to issue a disclaimer = publier un démenti  
disclaimer clause = clause de non-responsabilité


petit doigt (little finger) « He pushes his glasses up his nose with his pinkie. »  « This piano exercise improves the extension between the ring finger and the pinky finger. »


sans doute « this is arguably the most serious issue of our time.  » « Windsor, arguably Canada's hottest city, recorded its warmest July ever. »

no brainer

chose facile, évidence. « Saving seems like a no brainer, but is often harder than it sounds. »


bois. Building timber = bois de construction « Most of the region's building timber is imported from the south. »
arbres « Most of his land is planted with timber. »


idem « the window's been broken, ditto the door. »


asocial, inadapté, marginal, cassos « I have been made to feel a misfit for not wanting children. »


gouttière « Above the gutter the tiles were loose. »
caniveau « The motorbike lay on its side in the gutter. » « to end up in the gutter » = finir dans le caniveau.        
gutter press, gutter newspaper = presse de bas étage, journal à scandale
gutter-child = gamin des rues.

(magic) wand

baguette magique
remède miracle. « there is no magic wand... »


charge utile (=poids max. des marchandises ou des personnes qu'un véhicule peut transporter).


ricaner, ricanement « a titter went round the audience. »

to blush

rougir « I felt myself blush. »       
with a blush = en rougissant. « Ann accepted it with a blush. »
to spare sb's blushes = éviter d'embarrasser qn.


to romp (about) = s'ébattre « dogs and little children romped happily in the garden. »

big enchilada

grosse légume, grand manitou. « Winston Churchill definitely was a big enchilada, the man in charge. »


fougueux  « at 70 years old, she was as feisty as ever. »



to go the way of the dodo

disparaître, devenir obsolète (=to go the way of the dinosaurs). « Now that Blu-Ray has caught on, DVD has gone the way of the dodo. »

cheat sheet

antisèche (littéralement : "feuille de triche").
feuille de référence (ex: en informatique, liste des points essentiels d'un langage)


barbe de plusieurs jours
designer stubble = barbe de trois jours « a man with designer stubble and smart Italian clothes. »
chaume (in field)

to wuther

to blow strongly (wind). → "Wuthering Heights" est le titre original du roman d'Emily Brontë "Les Hauts de Hurlevent" (XIXe siècle), qui a inspiré de nombreuses œuvres audiovisuelles, dont le tube "Wuthering Heights" de Kate Bush : "Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy etc."


capuche "Robin Hood" signifie littéralement "Robin la Capuche" et non "Robin des bois".
capot « Let's take a look under the hood. »
truand (=hoodlum) 
Little Red Riding Hood = Le Petit Chaperon rouge
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