Mots difficiles en anglais

big enchilada

grosse légume, grand manitou. « Winston Churchill definitely was a big enchilada, the man in charge. »


fougueux  « at 70 years old, she was as feisty as ever. »



to go the way of the dodo

disparaître, devenir obsolète (=to go the way of the dinosaurs). « Now that Blu-Ray has caught on, DVD has gone the way of the dodo. »

cheat sheet

antisèche (littéralement : "feuille de triche").
feuille de référence (ex: en informatique, liste des points essentiels d'un langage)


barbe de plusieurs jours
designer stubble = barbe de trois jours « a man with designer stubble and smart Italian clothes. »
chaume (in field)

to wuther

to blow strongly (wind). → "Wuthering Heights" est le titre original du roman d'Emily Brontë "Les Hauts de Hurlevent" (XIXe siècle), qui a inspiré de nombreuses œuvres audiovisuelles, dont le tube "Wuthering Heights" de Kate Bush : "Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy etc."


capuche "Robin Hood" signifie littéralement "Robin la Capuche" et non "Robin des bois".
capot « Let's take a look under the hood. »
truand (=hoodlum) 
Little Red Riding Hood = Le Petit Chaperon rouge


to be a bombshell = faire l'effet d'une bombe « his resignation after thirteen years is a political bombshell. »
to drop a bombshell = annoncer une nouvelle qui fait l'effet d'une bombe « she dropped a bombshell: "I'm pregnant." »
coming as a bombshell = faisant l'effet d'une bombe.

to drop the f-bomb

utilisation malvenue du mot "fuck". « News anchor dropped the F-bomb live on air. » « Dude, stop dropping the f-bomb. »


super « her party was rad »


méli-mélo, fouillis « a meaningless jumble of words » « the jumble which covers the surface of my desk. »
to jumble up = mélanger « who jumbled up all my papers ? »


rongeur (animal)


on a slant = n pente « The house is on a slant. »
point de vue « These two papers give a completely different slant on events. »
to give a slant to sth = déformer qch  
to slant = pencher « The old wooden floor slanted a little. »
slanted = incliné, oblique -> « slanted text. »

to paddle

donner une fessée
 paddling = fessée (=spanking) « that's a paddlin' » = ça mérite une fessée.


blanchir  « the flour is bleached artificially. »
décolorer « she claims to have never bleached her hair. »
eau de javel « soak them in bleach to get the stains out. »


aine « groin injury » = blessure à l'aine  


gravillon, poussière « to have a piece of grit in one's eye » = avoir une poussière dans l'œil.
courage, cran « I admire his grit » « true grit » « they showed tremendous grit and determination. »


violon to play the fiddle
to play second fiddle to sb = jouer les seconds rôles à côté de qn « Harrison had always played second fiddle to Lennon and McCartney in the Beatles »        
combine, escroquerie tax fiddle = fraude fiscale
to fiddle with = tripoter « She fiddled nervously with the buttons of her cardigan »


tremplin, plongeoir. « Springboard dives » = plongeons du tremplin.
springboard for sth = un tremplin pour qch. « The 1981 budget was the springboard for an economic miracle. » « A springboard to success. »
écran d'accueil d'iOS (iphone).


courage, force d'âme « he suffered a long series of illnesses with tremendous dignity and fortitude. »


économe  « my mother taught me to be thrifty »  « thrifty shoppers »
thrift = économie.


attempted theft = tentative de vol
anti-theft device, theft prevention device = antivol
aggravated theft = vol qualifié

to vanquish

vaincre « a happy ending is only possible because the hero has first vanquished the dragons. » « With knowledge and wisdom, evil could be vanquished on this earth. »
the vanquished = les vaincus

low-angle shot

contre-plongée « pictures of trees in low angle shot. » high angle shot = plongée


fait sur commande, sur mesure « the company also offers a bespoke service of whatever combination you like. »




froid « he turned on the fire to take the chill from the air. »        
coup de froid « she caught a bad chill. »        
frisson « the sound sent a chill down my spine. »        

to chill = refroidir, faire frissonner « the marble floor was beginning to chill me. » « There was a coldness in her that chilled him. »
to be chilled to the bone = être transi de froid

to chill out = se relaxer


rassis, éventé
blasé « He was stale and tired. »
[idée, concept] éculé, rebattu, dépassé
moribond « the story of a stale marriage swapped for a grand passion. »
[haleine] fétide
stale link (web) = lien brisé, périmé


what a bummer! = quelle poisse!  
a bummer of a day = une journée pourrie « I had a bummer of a day... »


odieux, atroce. Heinous crime = crime odieux


idiot « don't be daft »! « that's a daft question. »        
to be daft about sb = être toqué de qn  
to be daft about sth = être mordu de qch « he's daft about football. »     
« daft as a brush » = con comme la lune.

moot point

point discutable « whether he was serious is a moot point » = qu'il ait été sérieux est un point discutable.  
to be mooted = être évoqué « they mooted the idea of a partnership with the local authorities » « the idea was mooted of establishing a family solidarity fund. »


a passing fad = un engouement passager « I don't believe environmental concern is a passing fad. »        
a fad for sth = un engouement pour qch « the current fad for all things Bollywood »       
to begin a fad for sth = lancer la mode de qch « they began a fad for slogan T-shirts that proclaimed everything about their wearer from "Babe" to "Whore" »

diaper (=nappy)

couche (de bébé) « How can I get my husband to change stinky diapers? »
to diaper = langer
disposable diaper/nappy = couche jetable

fountain pen



colère, courroux
wrath day = jour du Jugement dernier

to muse

méditer, songer, réfléchir « let's take some time to muse about our new life »  « "I wonder what happened to him", she mused »
musing = songerie

to unwind

dérouler « I was unwinding my bandage. »
se détendre « reading is a good way to unwind. »

it's a breeze

c'est un jeu d'enfant, c'est du gâteau « No technical knowledge is required, it's a breeze to add or edit your content. »

to delve into sth

fouiller dans qch « She delved into her rucksack and pulled out a folder. » « She delved into her mother's past. »


endurance, vigueur « players also need great stamina as they have been known to cover more than six kilometres in a single match. »


réglo, honnête, sérieux. « It's not a very legit business. »
to go legit = faire les choses dans les règles

to tinker with sth

bricoler qch (=to fiddle around with) « he loves tinkering with the engine. »
to tinker with a problem = bricoler des solutions « Instead of the Government admitting its error, it just tinkered with the problem. »  

as easy as pie

bête comme chou, simple comme bonjour
it's easy as pie = c'est du gâteau

to slay, slew, slain

tuer, assassiner. « St George slayed the dragon and rescued the princess. » « Men with courage do not slay dragons, they ride them... »


agacé « he sounded very peeved in his letter » « Susan was peeved that nobody had told her the news. »  
to be peeved about sth = être agacé par qch « he is peeved about the recent criticism of his company. »


lent, mou « I feel very sluggish today »
stagnant [business, sales]


défenseur, partisan  « a leading advocate of free enterprise. »
to play devil's advocate : se faire avocat du diable.
to advocate : recommander, prôner  « he advocated the creation of a peace-keeping force. »


absentéisme (scolaire) « schools need to reduce levels of truancy. »
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