Mots difficiles en anglais

to fondle

caresser He tried to fondle her


défi Is that a dare?   
to do sth for a dare = faire qch pour relever un défi The two students murdered her for a dare.
double dare = double défi

to shun

éviter, fuir


ébats (sexuels)
to romp = s'ébattre dogs and little children romped happily in the garden


le Jugement dernier

whack job

dingo, taré You see that guy trying to make water flow uphill? He's a real whack job


hold-up, casse

to be a bombshell

faire l'effet d'une bombe His resignation after thirteen years is a political bombshell.


arnaque, escroquerie


gueule de bois to have a hangover
a hangover from the past = un vestige du passé the official trade union, a hangover from the Soviet past.


bar-stool = tabouret  m  de bar She fell off a bar stool when she was drunk.
piano stool =  tabouret de piano


bizarrerie. Be aware of quirks like this.
by some quirk of fate = par un caprice du hasard
manie  He was fascinated by people's quirks.



to huddle

se blottir we huddle out of the cold in a small, warm room   
to huddle around a fire = se blottir autour d'un feu
to huddle together = se blottir les uns contre les autres
a huddle = un petit groupe they collapsed in a huddle. 

in the lap of the gods

entre les mains du destin (littéralement : sur les genoux des dieux)

to be out of one's league

ne pas être de taille, être hors de portée
Don't even try it, she's way out of your league!
Her success has taken her out of my league : son succès l'a rendue inaccessible aux gens comme moi.


[preson, smile, remark] insolent, culotté, provocateur don't be cheeky! = Ne sois pas insolent! a cheeky smile


appât (sens propre et figuré) « he lured the youngsters by using his own children as bait. »
to bait = amorcer, appâter, provoquer « the defense lawyers tried to bait him and get him to act aggressively » « he delighted in baiting his mother. »


jovial, enjoué, facétieux


séducteur, homme à femmes the mack = the boss Roney Binepal is a Mack.
to mack = flirter, séduire I'm gonna go mack on some fine ass bitches right now.


sous-estimer « the most underratted aspect of SEO is video »


travail de terrain


the possessive streak in her = ses tendances possessives   
to have a mean/evil streak = avoir un fond de méchanceté

roll in the hay

to have/enjoy a roll in the hay = avoir des rapports sexuels
- where are they? - i dunno prob havin a quik roll in the hay
what you really need is a good old-fashioned roll in the hay!


griffonnage, gribouillage The page was covered in doodles.   
to doodle = griffonner, gribouiller Stop doodling and listen to me.  

to brood

broyer du noir I have to try not to brood too much   
to brood about sth = se faire du mauvais sang à propos de qch She constantly broods about her family.

to dent

[+car] cabosser I dented my car.   
ébranler (fig.) That sort of thing dents your confidence. 


atout she played a trump = elle a joué atout.
[+card] couper
(=outdo) surenchérir sur The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank has trumped Lloyds by raising its offer   
to turn up trumps (=succeed against expectation) = créer la surprise Sylvester Stallone has come up trumps at the US box office with his new movie Cliffhanger   
trump card = atout, carte maîtresse


de contrebande bootleg record (=bootlegged) = enregistrement pirate
bootlegger = contrebandier


morceaux d'épave
flotsam and jetsam morceaux d'épave et détritus
the flotsam and jetsam of society = les laissés-pour-compte de la société


objets jetés à la mer et rejetés sur la côte


potin a juicy titbit about sb = une belle sur qn she told me a juicy titbit about Claire.  

off the record



[person] franc they tended to have a much more up-front attitude you should be up front about it.


[conflict, war, quarrel] mutuellement destructeur
internecine feud = querelle intestine
internecine rivalry = rivalité intestine


tactique a clever political gambit.
opening gambit the opening gambit in an internecine war

in a nutshell

en résumé,en un mot


quartiers résidentiels, quartiers chics
uptown girl = bourgeoise


[+TV, radio] présentateur (= anchorman)
to anchor = présenter

to lure

attrait the lure of rural life keep him away from the lure of other women.
attirer par la ruse to lure sb into sth : they were being lured into a trap he had lured her into his room.   
[+customers] attirer to lure sb into [+shop, restaurant] = attirer qn dans they use low prices to lure customers into their superstores.

to tout

to tout for sth = chercher qch An attempt to tout for a sponsor   
to tout for business = chercher du travail
faire l'article pour an US election campaign, with slick television ads touting the candidates the practice of using celebrities to tout products   
to be touted as sth = être présenté comme qch The product is touted as being completely natural.


sophistiqué, très au point There's a big difference between an amateur video and a slick Hollywood production.   
fluide a slick gear change.
[person, speech] mielleux slick politicians. 
oil slick = nappe de pétrole, marée noire The oil slick is now 35 miles long.

to partake

participer, prendre part à you will probably be asked about whether you partake in vigorous sports
to partake of [+food, drink] prendre He refused to partake of the modest meal she had prepared.




potelé, rondelet, obèse


(=out of one's mind) affolé(e)  
A bird had been locked in and was by now quite frantic   
to go frantic  être dans tous ses états 
I was going frantic.  J'étais dans tous mes états. 
to be frantic with worry  être fou d'inquiétude 
We were frantic with worry.   
  (=hectic) frénétique 
... a frantic week of high-level discussions.   
  [efforts, activity] frénétique 
Ambulancemen made frantic efforts to revive him   
[need, desire] effréné(e)

to lay sth bare

mettre qch/qn à nu the newspaper laid bare the TV star's drug excesses Berlusconi laid bare


oeil pour oeil, dent pour dent. donnant donnant.
It's tit for tat: c'est un prêté pour un rendu.
To give tit for tat: répondre du tac au tac.
To give somebody tit for tat: rendre la pareille à quelqu'un.
a series of tit-for-tat expulsions =  une escalade des expulsions


comestible edible mushrooms   
mangeable  some of the food was barely edible. 

to nut

éjaculer « I'm gonna nut! »
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