Mots difficiles en anglais


super « her party was rad »


râteau, ratisser I watched the men rake leaves into heaps.
fig.: balayer (with machine gun, lights) enemy searchlights raked the sea. Planes raked the beach with machine gun fire.


randonnée We were out on a country ramble an hour's ramble through the woods   
to go for a ramble = faire une randonnée
to ramble = to hike I was rambling over the hills of Yorkshire.   

to ramble on = déblatérer she began rambling on about her childhood. 


affamé « I'm ravenous all of the time. »
to be ravenous = avoir une faim de loup.

raving mad

fou à lier
ravings = divagations


domaine → public opinion plays a vital role in the political realm → the realm of politics = le domaine de la politique → it's not beyond the realms of possibility = c'est du domaine du possible.


1- réprimande, reproche → he had received a stern rebuke from his superiors ... 2- réprimander → to rebuke sb for sth = reprocher qch à qn. Ex: she often rebuked David for his authoritarian attitude to his clients. → to rebuke sb for doing sth = reprocher à qn d'avoir fait qch. Ex: he rebuked foreign governments for trying to force change through their aid policies.


téméraire « She was reckless and utterly without fear. »
with reckless abandon = avec témérité « I was on my dirt bike, barreling down a gravel road full speed with the reckless abandon that only a 13-year-old boy could have. »

red herring

that's a red herring = c'est pour brouiller les pistes.


plouc, bouseux, beauf, péquenaud « A large Texan redneck was shouting obscenities. »


rénover, remettre à neuf « I bought a Refurbished iPhone 5 on eBay. Where we have refurbished stores, we've seen sales move ahead. »


1- (for show, performance, dance) répétition. Ex : rehearsals for a concert tour.


rêne « She gripped the reins tightly. »
to give sb free rein = donner carte blanche à qn « The government gave free rein to the private sector in transport. »
to keep a tight rein on sth = exercer un contrôle strict sur qch « The Government is keeping a tight rein on public expenditure. »        

to rein in = réfréner « He has had to rein in his enthusiasm. » « The government finally reined in inflation by sending interest rates soaring. »


implacable « the pressure now was relentless.  The relentless heat of the desert. » (=la chaleur implacable du désert).
[rain] continuel(le)  
  [person, enemy, pursuit] implacable (=never giving up) « He was relentless in his pursuit of quality » « He was the most relentless enemy I have ever known »


crête, arrête, faite


to be rife [corruption, disease] = sévir, aller bon train « Unemployment is rife. » « Bribery and corruption were rife in the industry. »
rumours are rife = de nombreuses rumeurs circulent.
rife with sth = en proie à qch « Politicians world is rife with jealousy. » « Hollywood soon became rife with rumors. »


rongeur (animal)


ROFLMDR, LOL ("Rolling On the Floor Laughing")


fripouille, voyou « a rogue trader »

roll in the hay

to have/enjoy a roll in the hay = avoir des rapports sexuels
- where are they? - i dunno prob havin a quik roll in the hay
what you really need is a good old-fashioned roll in the hay!


ébats (sexuels)
to romp = s'ébattre dogs and little children romped happily in the garden


to romp (about) = s'ébattre « dogs and little children romped happily in the garden. »


bleu, novice i'm a rookie, please help me!


romarin. « Fragrance of thyme and rosemary. »


pourri « The front bay window is rotten » « It's a rotten idea. » « what rotten weather! »
a rotten apple = une pomme pourrie. Fig: une brebis galeuse. « Police corruption is not just a few rotten apples. »
dégueulasse (fig.) That's a rotten thing to do = c'est dégueulasse de faire une chose pareille.  
to feel rotten = se sentir honteux.


dispute to have a row = se disputer


rugtapis « a Persian rug. »
fig.: to pull the rug from under sb = retirer son soutien à qn, lâcher qn.

rule of thumb

méthode empirique, approximativement.
as a rule of thumb = en règle générale
by rule of thumb = à vue de nez

runny nose

nez qui coule. « To have a runny nose. » « My nose is running. »


[+paper] froissement
[+silk] frou-frou
[+leaves] bruissement
bruire, produire un bruissement
[+paper] froisser
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