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wack job

cinglé, psychopathe (péj.) Let's cross the street. We don't want to walk next to that wack job on the corner who's walking in circles and talking to himself.




soif de voyages → « His wanderlust would not allow him to stay long in one spot. »


= johnson, cock, prick, dick, dong


se branler, branlette

ward off (to)

repousser urgent action is necessary to ward off the threat of starvation. she may have put up a fight to try to ward off her assailant.
parer (risque), conjurer, éviter. Ex : Tanning cream may ward off skin cancer.


[+institution] directeur
[+park, game reserve] gardien
traffic warden = contractuel


guerre. Ex : their experience of modern warfare was very small. → chemical warfare : guerre chimique → biological warfare : guerre biologique → psychological warfare : guerre psychologique


verrue, excroissance
wart hog = phacochère


[party, plan] fiasco, échec
[person] raté he's a big washout!


chien de garde
organisme de contrôle → « Britain's gas industry watchdog. »
consumer watchdog = organisme de défense des consommateurs

water lily



coupé à l'eau ; édulcoré. A watered-down compromise. « Alok Sharma fights back tears as watered-down Cop26 deal is agreed. »




exténué, las she looked weary, a weary smile.
to be weary of = être las de
to weary of = se lasser de he's beginning to weary of sitting still.   
x war-weary = las de la guerre ; world-weary = las de ce monde


tout petit → « A wee innocent child. » « In the wee (small) hours of the morning » (au petit matin).
to wee, to have a wee = faire pipi


1- mauvaise herbe → the garden's full of weeds. 2- gringalet 3- désherber → mum was busy weeding the garden.


mauvaise herbe « the garden's full of weeds. »
désherber « mum was busy weeding the garden. »
marijuana « I'm spending the evening at home with some weed. »


bizarre « He wasn't mad but he was certainly weird. » 
weirdo = type bizarre, farfelu.

whack job

dingo, taré You see that guy trying to make water flow uphill? He's a real whack job

when in Rome, do as the Romans do

à Rome, fais comme les Romains (expression)


caprice « She whent there on a whim. »


fantasque « It's a good book, but has a very whimsical plot. »


[+siren, engine] hurlement the whine of air-raid sirens
pleurnicher, gémir The dog started to whine with impatience
[siren, engine] hurler The engines whined


geignard whiny little kids
  to whine = gémir, pleurnicher
  to whine  [siren, engine] = hurler


fouet, cravache
to whip = battre to whip the cream
to crack the whip = to use one's authority to make someone work harder, usually by threatening or punishing them
whiplash = coup du lapin


dénonciateur, lanceur d'alerte. « Edward Snowden is a well known whistleblower. »


to whizz along = filer à toute vitesse
to whizz past = passer à toute vitesse Ten minutes later, the rest of the cyclists whizzed past.
whizz kid = petit prodige a financial whizz kid.


exorbitant he will do it for a whopping fee.
spectaculaire whopping pay increases.
[lie, mistake] énorme sometimes a whopping mistake in your writing is completely invisible to you until you print it out


[person] méchant
abject she described the shooting as a wicked attack.   
a wicked, cruel man = un homme méchant et cruel
It was clear that he had done something wicked = il était clair qu'il avait fait quelque chose de mal.
[sense of humour] diabolique she had a wicked sense of humour.   
a wicked grin = me lança un sourire diabolique.
[prices] monstrueux the prices are wicked in that shop.   
[waste] épouvantable it's a wicked waste of resources.
(=great, cool) méchamment cool the film was wicked ! He's had this wicked new haircut.



wild boar


wind up

1- remonter → to wind up the clockwork mouse => remonter une fenêtre → he started winding the window up. 2- [+company] fermer → They wound up the company last year. 3- terminer, clôturer → could we wind up this meeting as quickly as possible? 4- to wind up doing sth = finir par faire qch → I wound up walking all the way home → she'll wind up losing that bag if she doesn't look after it. 5- to wind up in jail se retrouver en prison → you'll wind up in jail if you carry on like this.


ivrogne, poivrot


vanne, trait d'esprit → listen, bud, enough of the wisecracks, ok ?


vanne no more wisecracks!

wit (=wittiness)

esprit « the girl laughed at his wit » = La fille riait de ses traits d'esprits.
with great wit = avec beaucoup d'esprit  
witty man = homme d'esprit   
witty woman = femme d'esprit  
to have the wit to do sth = avoir la présence d'esprit de faire qch « No one had had the wit to bring a bottle-opener. »
to wit = à savoir « we speak in a language they don't know: to wit, English. » «

wits = tête (fig.) to use one's wits to do sth = se servir de sa tête pour faire qch.
to have one's wits about one = avoir toute sa tête.        
to keep one's wits about one = garder la tête sur les épaules « she'd better learn to keep her wits about her. »
to pit one's wits against sb = rivaliser d'esprit avec qn  
to be at one's wits' end = ne plus savoir que faire « I'm at my wits' end. »

half-wit = idiot, imbécile

witty = spirituel, plein d'esprit.

witty remark = witticism = mot d'esprit, bon mot

without further ado

sans plus de cérémonie (=without more ado). « Without further ado, let's start. »
much ado about nothing = la montagne a accouché d'une souris.


malheur,  infortune The woes of economic reform: poverty and income inequality.
a tale of woe = une histoire triste  « a tale of woe with a happy ending »
 a cry of woe un = cri de détresse
hélas woe is me! = pauvre de moi!


= Word of mouth = de bouche à oreille
Word of mouth marketing = marketing viral []


utérus, matrice


inquiétant « These are indeed worrisome times. »

wow factor

capacité à surprendre ; effet spectaculaire. « A small prop that gives you a big wow factor. »


bataille → « a contractual wrangle between a football club and a player → he was involved in a legal wrangle with his cousin. »
to wrangle = se disputer → to wrangle with sb over sth (=se battre contre qn au sujet de qch) → « she had wrangled bitterly with her ex-husband over contact with their children. »


colère, courroux
wrath day = jour du Jugement dernier


1- ride 2- pli → he noticed a wrinkle in her stocking (bas)




initiales de "what the fuck". Wtf, where have they been?!!
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