Mots difficiles en anglais


tanière, repaire (propre et fig.)


repère, point de repère → « The tower is a landmark visible for miles → Big Ben is one of London's most famous landmarks. »
to be a landmark = faire date / époque → « The discovery of penicillin was a landmark in medicine. » (cf: milestone)
qui fait jurisprudence → « The payout is believed to be a landmark case because it breaks the established principle that... → the landmark decision that prompted US deregulation. »


fastueux she is famed for her lavish dinner parties he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, changing his car 10 times in a four-year period he buys lavish gifts for everyone.


profane (=non-expert) « The mere mention of the words `heart failure', can conjure up, to the layman, the prospect of imminent death. »        
in layman's terms = en langage de tous les jours, en termes profanes « explaining scientific breakthroughs in layman's terms. »

lead time

délai. « A way to reduce the building's lead time. »

leaf blower

leaf blowersouffleur de feuilles


to be on a leash = être en laisse « All dogs in public places should be on a leash. »


sangsue (sens propre et figuré)


réglo, honnête, sérieux. « It's not a very legit business. »
to go legit = faire les choses dans les règles


travail de terrain


indulgence. To show leniency. « His parents' leniency towards him. »
clémence « She wrote to the judge pleading for leniency. »
légèreté (d'une peine) « The leniency of the sentence. »




effet de levier → « you're going to have so much leverage it's going to pull the screw out. »
to have leverage with sb = avoir une influence sur qn → « I have no leverage with the committee. »
to have the leverage to do sth = pouvoir peser dans la balance pour faire qch.


de même
to do likewise (=do the same)= faire de même → he made donations and encouraged others to do likewise.


to be in the limelight = être sous les projecteurs
to be thrust into the limelight = être propulsé (e) sous les projecteurs → « Tony has now been thrust into the limelight, with a high-profile job. »


boiter, fait de boiter she was limping badly = elle boitait beaucoup. because of his limp = parce qu'il boite. the accident left him with a limp = depuis son accident il boite.
mou « adding volume and lift to limp hair. »

lip service

If you say that someone pays lip service to an idea, you are critical of them because they say they are in favour of it, but they do not do anything to support it.



little girl's room

toilettes where's the little girl's ?


loggingexploitation forestière. A logging company.


désir, envie → « Soon several of them were divulging their secret longings. »
longing for sth = envie de qch → « She tried to put into words her longing for a baby. »
nostalgie → longing for sth = nostalgie de qch → His longing for the Australian landscape drew him back. « He felt a longing for the familiar = Il avait la nostalgie des choses familières. »
[look, glance] plein d'envie / de nostalgie.


timbré, cinglé
loony bin = maison  f  de fous


timbré, cinglé They all thought I was a loony.


fou, cinglé they thought I was a loony
loony bin = maison de fous


faille, lacune (dans une loi) a loophole in the law
a legal loophole = un vide juridique
to close a loophole = combler une lacune It's time we closed the loophole which allows criminals to gain easy access to lethal weapons.

loose end

détail inexpliqué « there are some annoying loose ends in the plot. » 
to tie up loose ends = mettre au point les derniers détails, régler les derniers détails « there are lots of loose ends to tie up in this case. »
to be at (a) loose end(s) = ne pas trop savoir quoi faire. « adolescents are most likely to get into trouble when they're at loose ends. »


looting = pillage


nul → a lousy movie, a lousy idea.
I'm a lousy cook = Je suis nul en cuisine.
to be lousy at sth = être nul en qch → he is lousy at public relations.
infect → the food in the canteen is lousy.

low life


low-angle shot

contre-plongée « pictures of trees in low angle shot. » high angle shot = plongée


[situation, idea, claim] ridicule, absurde « as far as withholding information... that's ludicrous »    « the growth of government the last thirty years is ludicrous »


[situation, idea, claim] ridicule, absurde


[liquid] tiède (=tepid)
[response, welcome, applause] peu enthousiaste


grumeleux « When the rice isn't cooked properly it goes lumpy. »
bosselé « The barn floor is a little lumpy, but better than sleeping with 60 guys snoring and coughing. »


lurking in the bushes outside.
rôder → I dared not open the door for fear of the photographers lurking outside.
planer (fig.)→ this threat always lurks somewhere in the background.
menacer → fascism is always lurking somewhere.


succulent, appétissant « the luscious taste of fresh-picked raspberries. »
pulpeux « A gorgeous girl » with big breasts and luscious lips.


[vegetation, fields, countryside] luxuriant « lush hillsides and mountains outside San Jose (Costa Rica) »


luxuriant « a rather pretty town, surrounded by lush fields and woods. » « I love the rich lush sounds of jazz piano. »
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