Mots difficiles en anglais

Baby Shower

fête organisée par les proches en l'honneur du bébé à venir. « Have checked out their online BABY SHOWER gift regisitry? »


= backdrop = toile de fond (sens propre et fig.)


réaction violente « There will be a huge public backlash if the match is called off.  The Government will face a backlash from unions. »


petites rue, ruelle « a narrow back street of Port-au-Prince. »
quartier pauvres ou mal famés « the back streets of Berlin. »
backstreet abortion = avortement clandestin
backstreet of desire = bas-fonds du désir.


cool, admirable.
Being a badass goes hand-in-hand with being self confident, secure and uninhibited « he thinks he's such a badass » ; « that action movie was so badass. »


sauvetage ; renflouement ; remise à flot. « The company survived thanks to the bailout. »
bailout plan = plan de sauvetage


appât (sens propre et figuré) « he lured the youngsters by using his own children as bait. »
to bait = amorcer, appâter, provoquer « the defense lawyers tried to bait him and get him to act aggressively » « he delighted in baiting his mother. »


chauve « He is going bald. »


scrutin, vote The result of the ballot will not be known for two weeks.
to hold a ballot = procéder à un vote « The council will have no choice but to hold a ballot if 5 per cent of residents back the move. »


idioties, balivernes


dingue, super cool. Have you heard 50 cent's new cd, the massacre? Ya man that shit was bananas!!!


rampe d'escalier I still remember sliding down the banisters.


financer → « The company has bankrolled a couple of local movies. »« They helped to bankroll the party's general election campaign. »
financement → « We have a guaranteed minimum bankroll of £1.7m over the five albums. »


badinage He invited me for a coffee and just had banter, you know, like flirty talk...


union-bashing = campagne de dénigrement contre les syndicats  
Paki-bashing = ratonnade
queer-bashing = brutalités ou expéditions punitives contre des homosexuels « an outburst of violent gay-bashing in New York. »

beat it!

fiche le camp! → « beat it before it's too late. »

beauty spot

grain de beauté
site pittoresque => « The Valley of Vinales is a lush and fertile valley and one of Cuba's finest beauty spots »


monstre « Facebook, the social media behemoth. »


apercevoir, voir, observer « There isn't a landscape in the world that is more lovely to behold. »
voici « Behold, here it is. »

beholder = observateur. « Beauty is in eye of the beholder » (la beauté est affaire de goût)


virage « a road full of dangerous bends » = une route pleine de virages dangereux.
to go into a bend, to take a bend = prendre un virage  
blind bend = virage sans visibilité.


fait sur commande, sur mesure « the company also offers a bespoke service of whatever combination you like. »


sur commande, sur mesure « A bespoke service » « A bespoke dinner jacket. »


beveled = en biseau
 bevel edge = bord biseauté. « A bathroom mirror with bevelled edges. »


dérouter, déconcerter → the silence from Alex had hurt and bewildered her.


ensorceler → « She was not moving, as if someone had bewitched her... »
to be bewitched by sth/sb être captivé par qch/qn → « The doctor is bewitched by Maya's beauty. »


monture, cadre. « The screen is framed with a stainless steel bezel. » « She used a sponge to remove scratches on her iPhone's bezel. »

big bad wolf

grand méchant loup. « It is unfair and unwise to see America as the big bad wolf. »

big enchilada

grosse légume, grand manitou. « Winston Churchill definitely was a big enchilada, the man in charge. »


(religious)  fanatisme, sectarisme « he had to defend himself against accusations of bigotry »
racist bigotry = intolérance raciste


 attacher his hands were bound behind the post the tape which was used to bind the files
 unir it is the threat of persecution that binds them together.
 obliger the treaty binds them to respect their neighbour's independence to be legally bound to do sth.
to be in a bind : être dans le pétrin
to be in a double bind : être dans une impasse


to go on a binge (=spree) = faire la bringue
they went on a shopping binge = ils sont allés dépenser du fric dans les magasins
an eating binge = une grosse bouffe
beuverie bringue (cf.: binge drinking)

blade of grass

brin d'herbe


fade, insipide, sans relief « Henry has a blander personality than Howard »  « bland vegetable soup » « the film was bland and forgettable. »


incendie « the family died in the blaze. »
flambée « to stir sleeping embers into a cheerful blaze. »
a blaze of colour = un flamboiement de couleurs.
to blaze = flamber « the fire was still blazing. »
[eyes] lancer des éclairs (de colère) « she turned and faced him, her eyes blazing. »
to blaze with colour = resplendir « the gardens blazed with colour. »
tirer « guns were blazing. »
to blaze a trail = montrer la voie « these surgeons have blazed the trail in the treatment of bomb victims. »
blazing = éclatant « driving all day in the blazing sun.  »     
torride « freezing cold winters and blazing hot summers. »
trail-blazing = novateur « a trail-blazing agreement that could lead to a global ban on nuclear weapons. »


blanchir  « the flour is bleached artificially. »
décolorer « she claims to have never bleached her hair. »
eau de javel « soak them in bleach to get the stains out. »


1- mélange → a blend of spices 2- mélanger → to blend all the ingredients together → a band that blends jazz, folk and classical music 3- to blend together = se confondre → paint the walls and ceilings the same colour so they blend together.


mixeur « Put all the ingredients in a blender. »


fléau → to be a blight on sth. « This discriminatory policy has really been a blight on America. »
urban blight = dégradation urbaine
to blight = gâcher, anéantir. « Families whose lives were blighted by unemployment. »


[tasting] à l'aveugle
les yeux bandés

[+hostage] to blindfold= bander les yeux à


félicité, bonheur absolu « a scene of domestic bliss » « marital bliss » 
it was bliss! = c'était merveilleux!


ampoule, cloque


[heat, summer] torride
[sun] brûlant
[remark, attack] cinglant
[pace] foudroyant China is growing at a blistering pace


[heat, summer] torride
[sun] brûlant
[remark, attack] cinglant, foudroyant


pâté m de maisons « the school is five blocks away. »
the new kid on the block = le petit nouveau


gaffe, faux pas


coup → « he went to hospital after a blow to the face. → it was a terrible blow when he was made redundant. »
to come to blows = en venir aux mains → « the representatives almost came to blows »
to be a blow to sth = être un coup pour qch → « a further blow to hopes of peace »
to soften the blow, to cushion the blow = amortir le choc

that blows! = c'est archi-nul! → your project blows!


esquisse (sens propre et figuré), projet → a blueprint for sth = un projet de qch . → « his blueprint for the country's future. »


bourde → « damaged at birth by a hospital blunder »« George Bush made a terrible blunder by launching a trade war. »
faire une bourde → « to blunder badly faire une grosse bourde »« Clearly, Sir Alec had blundered badly. »
to blunder into sb/sth = buter contre qn/qch → « He had blundered into the table, upsetting the flowers. »


baratin let's clear away the blurb and look at the facts
texte de présentation ; notice publicitaire

boarding school

pensionnat « They sent their children to boarding school. » 


to boast = se vanter (=to brag) « Stop boasting! »
to boast about sth = se vanter de qch. « Carol boasted about her costume. »
to boast of/that = se vanter de « He boasted of being involved in the arms theft. » « He boasted that he was someone great. »    
vantardise « This isn't meant as a boast » « her boast of being a great lover. »




hardi , intrépide, audacieux he did something very bold


to be a bombshell = faire l'effet d'une bombe « his resignation after thirteen years is a political bombshell. »
to drop a bombshell = annoncer une nouvelle qui fait l'effet d'une bombe « she dropped a bombshell: "I'm pregnant." »
coming as a bombshell = faisant l'effet d'une bombe.

bona fide

de bonne foi, sérieux « a bona fide offer »
authentique « a bona fide Rembrandt »


aubaine (=windfall) « This is a real bonanza for you, isn't it? »
boom « a sales bonanza for computer makers. »


esclavage, servage


(formation de) liens affectifs This trip was father son bonding opportunity 
bond (between people) = lien


dévoreur de livres, rat  m  de bibliothèque

boom shakalaka

onomatopée utilisée pour désigner le bruit d'un dunk au basket-ball ("boom" pour le dunk, et "shakalaka" pour la vibration du panneau).
fig.: wao! - j'ai gagné! - je t'ai eu ! « I shot the monster ! boom shakalaka ! »

boot camp

camp d'entraînement (pour nouvelles recrues)


de contrebande bootleg record (=bootlegged) = enregistrement pirate
bootlegger = contrebandier


amorce, amorcer


exclamation de joie « I won the bet! You owe me $3000! Booyah!! »


picoler → « a load of drunken businessmen who had been boozing all afternoon. »


municipalité, arrondissement « the New York City borough of Queens »




bol, coupe. « a bowl of soup. »
Super Bowl = "la super coupe"
"« Go and pour out the seven bowls of the wrath of God on the earth! »" = "Allez, et versez sur la terre les sept coupes de la colère de Dieu."


"belt and braces" = très prudent, qui garantit une sécurité maximum a belt-and-braces solution
accolades balanced braces
bracing = vivifiant


morveux → he's a spoiled brat = c'est un enfant gâté.


impudent, effronté, sans gêne.  « He's brazen, selfconfident, charismatic. » « It's brazen, insane, wonderful ! »
to brazen it out = la jouer au culot, au bluff.


miettes de pain
chapelure, panure coated in breadcrumbs
web => fil d'Ariane


largeur the stage is 60 metres in breadth = la scène a 60 mètres de large


merde! (dans le sens : "bonne chance!")


fauché we're broke
to go broke = faire faillite
to go for broke  = jouer le tout pour le tout
stone-broke  =  fauché comme les blés


brookruisseau (=stream) « little brooks make great rivers. »


By the way btw, cant u stop by the house later on ?


fig.: plein de vitalité, pétillant


mâle (d'un lapin, lièvre, daim etc)


bourgeon → early summer, just before the buds open => budding = bourgeonnant, naissant → she looked up through the budding trees → Russia's budding democracy


what a bummer! = quelle poisse!  
a bummer of a day = une journée pourrie « I had a bummer of a day... »


bouquet « a bunch of flowers »
a bunch of keys : un trousseau de clés
[+bananas] régime
a bunch of grapes : une grappe de raisin
[+people] groupe → « We were a pretty inexperienced bunch of people. → They're a great bunch : c'est une chouette équipe. the best of the bunch : le or la meilleur(e) de la bande. »
bunches = couettes → « She had her hair tied in bunches. »


buskermusicien ambulant, musicien de rue → « He earned a living as a busker. »


buskermusicien ambulant, musicien de rue « He earned a living as a busker. »


à la poitrine plantureuse


maître d'hôtel, majordome  « The butler, as the senior male servant, has the highest servant status. »
bouteiller (officier chargé autrefois de l'approvisionnement en vin).


fesses >> to spank = to slap on the buttocks with the open hand, as for punishment.

by hook or by crook

coûte que coûte « I'll get there by hook or crook. »


let bygones be bygones = passons l'éponge, oublions le passé
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