Mots difficiles en anglais


en abondance, à gogo We'll be giving away prizes galore in our great competition.
bargains galore = de bonnes affaires en abondance.


tactique a clever political gambit.
opening gambit the opening gambit in an internecine war


passerelle. « The ship lowered its gangway. »


entaille, balafre « she had a large gash in her thigh. »        
crevasse « a triangular gash in the mountainside. »
déchirure « there was a gash in the fabric where the cat had scratched it. »
arg.: vagin (par allus. à fente) ; fille




to shift one's gaze = détourner le regard « he sat without shifting his gaze from the window. »
not to shift one's gaze from sth = ne pas quitter qch des yeux.
to be in the public gaze = être très en vue
fixer (at sb/sth) fixer « he gazed at her. »
to gaze out of the window = regarder fixement par la fenêtre « she gazed out of the window at the dreary landscape. »


1- crack en informatique 2- (= computer nerd) informaticien boutonneux

general practitioner (=GP)

médecin généraliste, médecin traitant « GPs are inadequately trained to manage the growing demand for cancer care » «  It is important for you to register with a GP so you can access health services. »


to ghost-write  He didn't write it, the book was ghost-written (=il ne l'a pas écrit, le livre a été écrit par un nègre).


concert They started out doing free gigs in bars. »
spectacle He did occasional comedy gigs. »


fou rire.
to get/have the giggles = avoir le fou rire  « That pot we smoke gave me the giggles. »
a nervous giggle = un petit rire nerveux « He let out a nervous giggle. »      
to giggle = glousser (fig.), ricaner « She started to giggle like a schoolgirl. »


truc → « Low introductory rates are a gimmick to encourage people to take out loans. » (=dodge)
sales gimmick = astuce pour faire vendre → « multiple shutter-speeds are mostly a sales gimmick. »


pain d'épices


the gist of his speech = l'essentiel de son discours
to give sb the gist of sth = résumer qch à qn en deux mots I missed his speech; can you give me the gist of what he said?


con, connard « he's a git! » « Oh, shut your face, you racist git! »

Linus Torvalds (créateur de Linux) a appelé son logiciel "Git"... Il l'explique ainsi : "je ne suis qu'un sale égocentrique, donc j'appelle tous mes projets d'après ma propre personne. D'abord Linux, puis Git."


truc, gadget « a plastic gizmo for holding a coffee cup on the dashboard. »


[+light, +hope, interest] lueur
to glimmer = luire


pépin → a technical glitch = un pépin technique → manufacturing glitches have limited the factory's output.


fig.: pépin
technical glitch = un pépin technique manufacturing glitches have limited the factory's output.


scintiller, briller → « her jewellery glittered under the spotlight → The Palace glittered with lights → His eyes glittered with amusement. »
éclat → « the glitter and glamour of her life »
paillettes → « Christmas cards covered with glitter »


1- brillant → her glossy brown hair → lipstick with a glossy finish 2- glossy magazine : magazine de luxe → all the glossy magazines carried pictures of the Royal Wedding.


pâte visqueuse, matière visqueuse  « a sticky goo of pineapple and coconut. »

goose bumps

chair de poule
to come out in goose bumps = avoir la chair de poule  
fig.: to get goose bumps = avoir des frissons « Even now, I get goose bumps just thinking about it. »


sang  There were pools of blood and gore on the pavement.


généraliste (general practitioner)


téléphone arabe => I heard it on the grapevine : je l'ai appris par le téléphone arabe. » When Wynton Marsalis began to pick up gigs around New York City in 1978, the grapevine began to buzz. Two years later he was rewarded with the opportunity to join the Jazz Messengers. »




= churchyard = cemetery = cimetière


sauce (au jus de viande)
gravy boat = saucière


(for money, power) : avidité, cupidité → all the hatred and violence, greed and selfishness in the world → It was a crime motivated by pure greed.
greed for sth : avidité de qch, soif de qch → his greed for knowledge and experience → an insatiable greed for personal power and glory
gourmandise → I wasn't really hungry, it was just pure greed that made me eat it.


sévère, dur, inistre, lugubre


large sourire  « She looked up at him, a big grin on her face. »
sourire « He leaned towards me and grinned broadly. »


prise ; saisir
to get a grip = se ressaisir → Get a grip!
to get a grip on sth = prendre en main qch


gravillon, poussière « to have a piece of grit in one's eye » = avoir une poussière dans l'œil.
courage, cran « I admire his grit » « true grit » « they showed tremendous grit and determination. »


aine « groin injury » = blessure à l'aine  


sensass the grooviest club in London.


révolutionnaire ; novateur ; innovant ; historique. A groundbreaking novel ; groundbreaking research.


rancune a disabled man with a grudge against society
to bear a grudge = garder rancune I don't bear a grudge.
to bear a grudge against sb garder rancune à qn, en vouloir à qn  He appears to have a grudge against certain players.


exténuant, éprouvant. Grueling schedule, grueling day. « A grueling eight-year conflict. »


horrible There has been a series of gruesome murders in the capital.


bougon, grincheux, grognon a grumpy old man I arrived late in the evening, grumpy and tired.


grogner He grunted with the effort the bear was grunting outside our tent.
grunt work = travail répétitif et rébarbatif PHP does a lot more grunt work than Perl, which does a lot more than C.


estimer au jugé ; approximation ; pifomètre. « It's a little hard to guesstimate... » « Would you have a guesstimate as to the cost? »

guinea pig

cochon d'Inde, cobaye « the doctor used himself as a human guinea pig to perfect the treatment. »


gencive « She smiled widely, showing her toothless gums. »        
chewing-gum « He chews gum, and wears a baseball cap. »        
colle, coller  

gut (+guts)

intestin « Raw food is absorbed more slowly in the gut. »        
ventre « His gut sagged out over his belt. »        
boyaux « The entire carcass, hide, guts and bones, was devoured. »
beer gut = bedaine
guts (fig.) : tripes, cran. To have guts. « These guys have guts. » « You talk a lot but I don't think you have the guts.  » It takes guts to stand up to her. «


gouttière « Above the gutter the tiles were loose. »
caniveau « The motorbike lay on its side in the gutter. » « to end up in the gutter » = finir dans le caniveau.        
gutter press, gutter newspaper = presse de bas étage, journal à scandale
gutter-child = gamin des rues.
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